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How much does internet advertising cost?

Are you planning to invest in internet marketing? Before you do that, analyze your budget and advertising costs on the Internet. How much will you pay for advertising on Google, YouTube, Facebook or LinkedIn? Check how much the company’s advertising costs on the Internet and don’t be surprised.

Forms of advertising the company on the Internet

Internet Marketing offers many ad formats. Each of them has different costs. What forms of online advertising can you choose?

campaigns in the Google Ads system: text and product advertising in search results, remarketing, image advertising in the Google Display Network advertising network, advertising on Youtube,
advertising on Facebook,
advertising on LinkedIn.

Let’s take a look at the different types of advertising and see how much advertising costs online: on Google, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn.

How much does it cost to independently position a website or an online store?

Positioning is a series of activities aimed at obtaining the highest possible position in organic (organic) search results for key phrases. SEO includes a number of elements that require time and work. If you decide to run them yourself, you will not incur any financial costs, but you must have time to:
– create content,
– technically optimize the website,
– plan the structure of the website, including the structure of internal links,
– obtain external links.

Positioning a website without the help of specialists, however, carries the risk of incurring the costs of a wrong strategy. If you have no experience in SEO and you do not know what activities are in line with Google’s guidelines, it is better to give up on your own positioning. The costs can be much greater than the monthly salary for an internet marketing agency. The effect of inadequate positioning can be:
– declines in positions in organic results,
– decrease in traffic on the website or in the store,
– decrease in revenues,
– filters (penalties) from Google).

How much does online positioning cost with an SEO agency?

If you do not have specialist knowledge about positioning, a better solution is to choose positioning by an SEO agency. How much does this form of advertising for your company cost on the Internet and what is the settlement method? Only a few years ago, the popular model was positioning. What was it about? As a client, you paid the agency for each month in which a given keyword was in a specific position (e.g. top1, top3, top10). Currently, the most common form of settlement is the monthly fee for the activities performed. The costs of positioning services on the Internet are various – they can range from several hundred dollars to even several thousand a month. What do they depend on? Among others from:
– competitiveness – the greater the competition on the market, the higher the cost of positioning,
– the size of the website or store (an extensive store with thousands of products will require more work and time than a local company’s website with several subpages),
– the initial condition of your website – additional costs of online advertising may be generated, for example, by Google filters that must be removed,
– the number of key phrases you want to advertise on the internet – the more keywords, the higher the costs.

What are the costs of positioning in professional SEO agencies?

– planning an SEO strategy for your website or store,
– technical optimization,
– content creation,
– support of a team of specialists (positioning specialist, customer manager, content marketing specialist, link building specialist),
– access to specialized SEO tools,
– conversion optimization,
– website optimization in terms of User Experience, i.e. user experience.

If you take into account the scope of activities performed by an SEO agency, the cost of online advertising in the form of positioning does not seem so high, especially since you use the proven and up-to-date knowledge of specialists. You also avoid the risk of being punished by the Google filter. Moreover, remember that the longer you invest in SEO, the lower the cost of acquiring a single client.

How much does a Google Ads ad cost?

The Google Ads system is the second of the most popular online advertising formats for business owners. Both owners of service companies and online stores use Google Ads (formerly AdWord) to promote their services. In the Google Ads system, you can choose from different online ad formats. These are:
– text ad in search results,
– product advertising in search results,
– image advertising on the Google advertising network,
– remarketing,
– video advertising on YouTube.

There are two basic billing models for these ads:
– CPC – payment per click,
– payment for 1000 ad impressions (used especially in video advertising).

What determines the cost of advertising in Google Ads? The main factors that influence the price-per-click are:

– ad quality score,
– location,
– the size of the competition,
– keywords and their popularity,
– industry.

If you decide to run your campaign by an external agency, you have to take into account additional costs. At Paraphrase.Online, we run campaigns with a minimum budget of $ 2,500 per clicks. The fee for servicing the campaign is $ 550 per month.

How much does a text ad cost in Google Ads?

With a Google Ads text ad, you pay per click, and you define the advertising budget on a daily and monthly basis. The cost per click depends on many factors, including industry and quality score for your ad. Costs per click can range from a few cents to even several dozen dollars in the brokerage and financial industries. It is impossible to determine in advance how much a Google Ads advertising campaign on the Internet will cost. Therefore, it is worth creating a test Google Ads campaign and then systematically working on the ad quality score to reduce costs.

How much does Product Ad cost in Google Search results?

Do you run an online store and want to know how much product advertising costs on the Internet? If you decide to go with a Google Shopping ad in the search results, you can count on spending per single click to fluctuate between 30 and 80 cents. This is a relatively small amount, and the possibilities for Shopping advertising are great, provided the campaign is properly optimized. Then you have a chance for a high conversion rate at low cost.

How much does remarketing on the internet cost?

Dozens of cents – this is the average cost of a remarketing ad on the Internet optimized in the Google Ads system. What is remarketing? This is a type of text or image ad that is displayed only to users who have previously visited your website or store and have not converted, for example:
– they added the product to the cart, but did not pay for the order,
– entered the site, but did not make any conversion or microconversion, only browsed subpages and products.

Remarketing can be static or dynamic. With static remarketing, users see the same content or graphics. In dynamic remarketing, the user sees the products that they previously viewed on the page. In both cases, the cost of clicking an ad is between 20 and 80 cents.

How much does image advertising cost on the Internet, on the Google Display Network?

In the Google Ads system, you can also acquire customers thanks to image advertising. It is a banner advertisement that is displayed to users while browsing the Internet pages of the Google Display Network. What is the cost of advertising your business on the internet with image advertising? You’ll pay anywhere from 30 cents to $ 1.50 per click. By declaring a higher rate per click, we can make our advertisement appear on more popular pages, e.g. the main pages of news portals. However, it’s worth remembering that image advertising is less effective than advertising in search results. Therefore, it is worth using it as a supplement to advertising activities on Google, not their basis.

How much does advertising on YouTube cost?

In the Google Ads advertising system, you can also configure a video ad that will be displayed before, during or after recording. In this case, you pay the cost not for clicking on the ad, but for:
– watching the advertisement in full or at least 30 seconds (CPV – Cost per View) – in the case of longer advertisements, which the user may skip,
– 1000 impressions for Bumper Ads that are short and cannot be skipped.

What are the costs of internet advertising in video format? When paying for 1,000 impressions, you should expect to pay at least a few dollars (e.g. 8 or 10). If you decide to pay with Cost per View, you can reduce your expenses as much as possible – the cost of such advertising on YouTube can be as low as 3-5 cents. If you are looking for an interactive form of advertising, video advertising will certainly be more profitable than display advertising on the Display Network.

How much does Facebook advertising cost?

One of the effective ways of advertising on the Internet is also promoting your services on Facebook. The platform offers many different ad formats that aim to:
– building the reach of posts,
– redirecting traffic to the website,
– acquiring new fans.,
– building activity under posts.

The costs of running an advertising campaign on Facebook are difficult to estimate before starting the activities. They depend on many factors:
– the selected goal of the advertising campaign,
– target group,
– competitiveness in a given industry,
– places where the advertisement is displayed (e.g. Stories on Facebook / Instagram, side panel on desktop devices, news on mobile devices),
– seasonality – before Christmas or Black Friday, advertising rates will probably be higher, because they are conquered by companies with large marketing budgets.

What are the costs of individual types of advertising campaigns on Facebook?

– When promoting posts, you have to pay from a dozen cents to a few dollars per click (the narrower the audience, the higher the costs).
– In campaigns that redirect traffic to your website, you will pay an average of 50 cents to 1 dollar per click. There will also be industries where the cost of a click will amount to several cents and even several dollars. In a campaign aimed at increasing the number of fans, you’ll pay anywhere from 20 cents to $ 1.50 for a like.

How much does LinkedIn advertising cost?

LinkedIn is a business portal where users build their network of professional contacts. Due to the nature of the portal, the costs of advertising on LinkedIn are high. Nevertheless, it is a profitable form of online advertising in the B2B sector, especially if you want to look for cooperation partners.

What types of ads will you find on LinkedIn? These are:
– text ads,
– sponsored content,
– sponsored messages,
– dynamic ads, the purpose of which may be to increase the number of followers, increase website traffic, promote the created content (a guide, blog entry, e-book, etc.) or promote job offers.

How much does LinkedIn advertising cost? The price depends on:
– groups of recipients,
– selected stake strategy,
– the purpose of the advertisement,
– ad relevance index.

There are also different forms of billing:
– CPC – you pay for clicking on the ad; in the process of creating an ad, you define how much you are able to pay the maximum for a click, you can also define a maximum daily budget for clicks,
– CPM – you pay for 1000 ad impressions,
– CPV – you pay for viewing the video (you set the maximum rate that you are willing to pay).

What are the costs of an advertising campaign on LinkedIn? At least 2-3 times higher than advertising on Facebook. Furthermore, LinkedIn sets a minimum bid for CPC text campaigns – $ 2. In practice, you can pay more – even a few dollars per click. For CPM ads, you have to expect an average spend of a few dollars per 1000 impressions. You will pay between $ 0.5 and $ 1 for sending a sponsored message.

Advertising on the Internet – an effective way of promotion within the assumed budget

Online advertising, compared to its offline counterparts (banners, posters, leaflets, etc.), offers great opportunities for targeting, as well as a chance for real effects in the form of increased sales and traffic. Moreover, its costs are not as high as it might seem, especially if you take into account the high effectiveness of advertising and its variety. Depending on your budget, you can choose positioning, advertising in social media and Google Ads. Learn about low budget internet marketing methods.

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