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How long does it take to see the effects of Google Ads campaigns?

Google Ads advertising is one of the effective ways to promote your business on the Internet. Thanks to it, you can build website traffic, increase brand awareness and, above all, generate sales and increase revenues. One of the most common doubts about Google Ads is the time it takes to expect results. So how long does it take to see the effects of Google Ads?

How long should the minimum contract with the Google Ads agency last?

Are you planning to cooperate with the Google Ads agency in order to run advertising campaigns on Google? This is a great solution – you invest in the support of professionals, thanks to which you will increase your income and not waste funds. However, remember that the contract for Google Ads services should last at least 3 months. Why should you not evaluate the effects in advance and give up cooperation? Because for a new account and a new campaign, this period is needed to:
– creating the first campaign,
– checking the first effects of the campaign,
– obtaining information and data for effective campaign optimization and targeting keywords and recipients in the following months.

Can Google Ads effects appear immediately after launching the campaign?

Google Ads is often opposed to positioning. All because the Google Ads campaign is supposed to bring results much faster. are this is in reality? It is true that advertising in Google Ads is visible immediately after launching the campaign, and sometimes it generates sales quickly. This can happen with campaigns in a less competitive industry. However, this is not a standard. Why does a campaign usually take at least three months to generate conversions (sales, revenue)? Why does the campaign only get the full potential after 12 months?

Why should activities in Google Ads last at least 3 months?

You already know how much time you need to achieve results in Google Ads. You should also find out why 3 months is the minimum duration of advertising activities. The causes include, among others:
– no historical data useful for optimization,
– no historical results of the campaign.

No historical data about the campaign and Google Ads results

If you’re just starting out with advertising on Google, your account has no historical data on campaigns and their effectiveness. To be able to effectively optimize your campaigns, you need a minimum of three months to collect the most important data. Only on their basis, in the following months, you will be able to optimize:
– rates,
– Keywords,
– campaign targeting.

Of course – before launching the campaign, the Google Ads agency analyzes the competition, keywords and advertising trends in a given industry, but this data may be incomplete and not entirely truthful. Verified information about your audience is available in your Google Ads account and in Google Analytics, and they should be the basis for campaign optimization.

The lack of historical campaign results and the effects of Google Ads

The Google system evaluates your ad based on your Quality Score. It includes, among others Assessing the historical performance of your Google Ads account as well as the ad group in which the ad is located. If you are creating a completely new account and a completely new campaign, the Google system is not able to obtain historical data. This could affect the effects of your current brand new campaign. Even in the first stage of the advertising operation, the data may be incomplete. An ad with 50 views is likely to receive a lower rating than an ad with 500 or 5,000 views. For the first three months, allow the algorithms to collect data – in the future, the Google Ads system will probably appreciate your actions and allow you to achieve better results from Google Ads.

What determines the waiting time for the effects of Google Ads?

Google Ads effects may appear even a few days or weeks after launching the campaign. However, it is not always possible to achieve sales in such a short time. What determines the waiting time for Google Ads results? Among the important factors are:
– market competition – the more companies advertise in a given industry, the more difficult it may be to obtain results;
– selected keywords – if you choose less competitive but popular phrases (long tail sales phrases), the results will probably come faster;
– ad quality score, which takes into account: the expected CTR (the likelihood of clicking on the ad after it is displayed), the relevance of the ad in relation to the user’s expectations, the quality of the landing page;
– structure of campaigns and ad groups – the better the campaign is divided into related products, the faster the results can come;
– history of advertising activities on the account;
– selected rates and the ability to adjust them depending on the market / industry,

Optimizing your Google Ads campaigns in the first three months

The period of the first three months of the campaign’s operation, even if it does not bring results, should not be a period of inactivity. On the contrary, use this time to optimize your campaign and increase its chances of success in the future. What can you do in individual months to improve your sales results?

First month – collect the data needed to optimize the campaign

Not all Google Ads campaigns increase sales immediately, but that’s not a reason to pause. During the first month, allow the collection of important data in your Google Ads account, such as impressions and clicks. You can do this by setting up broader forms of targeting (e.g. for keywords with a modifier, for all devices) This way you will find out which keywords trigger the display of your ad and clicks, as well as check which devices are receiving clicks and how many of them generate conversions This data will allow you to optimize your Google Ads campaigns in the coming months.

Second month – Optimize your keywords, targeting, and bids

Preliminary data about the campaign obtained in the first month can be used to optimize it in the second month. By taking into account the number of impressions and clicks, you can improve your bids, keywords and targeting. How to do it?

Evaluate the performance of your keywords:
– If some keywords selected during the campaign launch phase generate impressions without clicks, you can disable the ad for those phrases.
– If certain phrases are generating a lot of clicks and conversions, you can increase your bid for those phrases.
– Look for negative keywords, i.e. keywords that trigger your ad to appear even though the keyword is not related to your offer.

Update your targeting settings:
– If your campaign doesn’t generate clicks from desktop devices, you can change your settings and target your ads only to mobile devices.
– If your campaign is generating clicks and conversions in a specific location, you can increase your bids for that location and pause your ad to a different location that isn’t working.

Optimize Bids:
– Optimize your keywords for your bids. Compare the cost of a click for different keywords and raise your bids on the most effective keywords.

Third month – maximize the performance of your PPC campaign

Spend the third month of optimizing your Google Ads campaigns on testing ad text. You can use flexible ads for this purpose – then the Google Ads system will independently combine various headline and ad texts and combine them in such a way that they are as effective as possible. The third month of the campaign is also a great opportunity to analyze keywords. Perhaps your ad appears on phrases that you are not advertising for. Consider whether you can use them to create a new ad group. At the same time, you can supplement the ad with extensions. These are additional elements of the ad content that are displayed in the ad content, directing the user to specific subpages on your website, to a contact or contact form.


A Google Ads campaign can take immediate effect, but it doesn’t have to be. Usually, the first three months are the learning and data collection stage. Optimizing and creating an effective Google Ads ad can take up to 12 months. Therefore, do not give up on actions at an early stage – patiently wait for the results and you will be rewarded. Many campaigns achieve the best results after a year, because a series of collected data allows the campaign to be properly optimized in terms of quality, relevance, keywords and content.

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