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How much does advertising on Google cost?

Internet marketing and advertising on Google are one of the most effective ways to promote your business, build your brand image and expand your customer base. Many entrepreneurs who want to be visible in the search engine do not know, however, how much advertising costs on Google, and they do not realize what means they must have at their disposal in order for their advertising activities to be effective and bring a return on investment. How much does advertising on Google consisting in SEO activities and Google Ads campaigns cost?

Advertising on Google – why is it worth it?

Advertising in the Google search engine can bring you tangible benefits, such as:
– increase in visibility – advertising activities on Google can make your website appear in as many as three places in the search results (in text, product and organic results),
 – building brand authority,
 – increase in traffic on the website and generating more conversions (sales, subscription to the newsletter, filling out the contact form).

Which Google ad to choose?

What Google ad can you choose to promote your online business? Among the available options, it is worth considering:
– positioning, which includes a number of activities that improve the position of the website or store in organic (i.e. free) search results,
– Google Ads campaigns, thanks to which the ad of your website will be displayed to the user who entered the given keyword, above or below the organic results (the result will be marked as “ad”).

How much does self positioning on Google cost?

How much does an advertisement on Google with standalone SEO activities cost? It is impossible to answer this question unequivocally, because many factors influence the positioning price. If you decide to position your site yourself, you may not incur too much financial costs, but you will have to spend time on:
– website optimization (optimization of meta tags, urls),
– preparing content for a website, blog or online store,
– analysis of the effects of the activities carried out, tracking the activities of the competition.

If you do not have specialist SEO knowledge, it may turn out that your own actions will be counterproductive, and your website will not see an increase in visibility, traffic and conversions. In this case, the SEO costs of an SEO agency may be even greater as they will include fixing previous mistakes.

How much does positioning by an SEO agency cost?

The price of positioning by a specialized SEO agency is difficult to estimate due to the fact that the valuation of SEO services is usually tailored individually to a specific client and his website. What factors affect positioning costs? Among others:
– initial optimization status of your website and the scope of activities to be performed,
– number of positioned phrases,
– your business goals,
– the size of your website or online store (number of products, range of services, number of subpages, etc.),
 – the industry in which you operate – the more competitors, the more difficult the industry and possibly the higher the price, the area you operate in – local positioning, will be cheaper than SEO services for an online store with a global reach.

What does low SEO price mean?

Reliable SEO activities aimed at building long-term results are usually not cheap. The low price may be associated with:
– a small scope of activities, which in the event of high competition will not bring the expected results,
– with the use of strategies that are to quickly bring results in the form of specific positions (top3 or top10), but may lead to a decline in the long term,
– with building a link profile in an uneven way – a sharp increase in links leading to the page, if noticed by Google algorithms, may lead to a decrease in the website’s position in organic results.

Using the services of a proven SEO agency will still be cheaper for you than positioning your website yourself, which is associated with the risk of mistakes and the lack of specialist knowledge and access to SEO efficiency analysis tools.

Find out how to settle with an SEO agency

When deciding on positioning services provided by an external company, it is worth knowing the settlement method proposed by the agency. The possibilities include:
– settlement for the effect – then you pay for the achievement of a specific position by a given keyword or for each month in which a given phrase is in the agreed position (e.g. in the top10),
 – monthly billing for actions performed – you pay a fixed monthly amount for actions performed by the agency, regardless of the position of your website.

Payment for the activities of SEO agencies means that the service includes not only achieving specific positions, but also conversion optimization, inbound marketing, content creation. Thanks to this, as a customer, you gain not only the visibility of your website in high positions, but also help in acquiring a customer and generating conversions.

What is included in the SEO price?

The price for positioning includes a number of SEO agency activities. So you pay not only for the effect, but also for the work done, including:
– website audit and technical optimization,
– keyword analysis and selection,
– creating content with key phrases for your business and SEO results,
– link acquisition and link profile analysis,
 – analytics and evaluation of the effects of activities,
– optimization of the conversion rate,
– implementing changes in the positioning strategy based on data on the effects.

Treat positioning as an investment

According to a survey conducted among SEO agencies from the USA, the price of the positioning service in the case of long-term contracts was usually (29% of responses) from 1,000 to 2,500 dollars. In practice, however, positioning should be treated as an investment. Thanks to SEO, you can build much more visibility and website traffic, as well as increase the number of conversions, which will translate into a return on investment in positioning. What’s more, SEO activities assume that your profits will increase over time and your costs will decrease despite the commitment of the same resources. It is therefore important to measure the effectiveness of positioning. After analyzing specific indicators, you can find out what the approximate cost of acquiring one customer is – the lower the cost and more conversions, the higher the profitability of SEO activities.

How much do Google Ads ad campaigns cost?

Advertising on Google includes not only positioning, but also paid campaigns in the Google Ads system. Entrepreneurs who want to advertise their companies in this way usually pay not for displaying an advertisement, but for clicking on the advertisement. This type of advertising will work when:
– the time that is important for you in terms of sales is approaching, for example Black Friday or Christmas, and you have not carried out any positioning activities for key phrases before,
– you are just starting advertising activities on Google and want to generate more sales faster,
– you want to support SEO activities – then you can lower the budget for the Google Ads campaign using the same SEO resources.

What do Google Ads costs depend on?

How much does advertising in Google Ads cost? It all depends on the chosen keyword and its popularity – usually the more popular and competitive the keyword, the higher the cost-per-click. Advertising costs are influenced by:
– the maximum amount per click you have declared,
– ad quality score.

When a user enters a specific password in the search engine, Google checks if there are any companies that want to advertise on it. If it finds websites and stores interested in advertising, the auction begins. Google verifies the quality of the ad and the declared maximum cost per single click, and on this basis, it displays the ads in a specific order. The advertising quality factor in Google Ads means that you can count on effective advertising both as a small entrepreneur and as the owner of nationwide e-commerce.

Which Google Ads ad should I choose?

As part of the Google Ads campaign, you can choose to:
– advertising in search results,
 – graphic and video advertising on the Google advertising network,
– remarketing and dynamic recarketing,
 – product advertising in Google Shopping,
– video advertising on YouTube.

The minimum budget for Google Ads activities

The most popular form of billing for advertising in the Google Ads system is payment per click on the ad (Cost per Click). In the case of video ads on YouTube, you pay for viewing and interacting with the ad (Pay per View) or for 1000 views.

Single click prices can range from a few cents to tens of dollars.

What determines the price of a single click in Google Ads ads? Factors influencing the cost include:
– advertising quality,
 – actions and rates of competition,
– ad content and format (including extensions),
– the maximum cost-per-click that you set in your Google Ads account,
– projected number of clicks.

The minimum monthly budget for advertising activities in campaigns in the Google advertising system should be at least $ 1,900. Of course, you can spend less, but then the effects of your actions may not bring you a return on investment. One of the advantages of Google Ads, however, is great flexibility – you can increase or reduce your budget at any time and you have full control over your advertising spending. Typically, ads on the Google Search Network are slightly cheaper than ads in search results. If you decide to choose a higher click budget, you can count on greater campaign reach and a higher return on investment

Remember that the minimum budget we suggest should also include the costs of preparing, running, operating and optimizing the campaign. This means that you will pay a minimum of $ 2,500 for a monthly Google Ads campaign.

Advertising costs in Google Ads also depend on:
– ad relevance,
– landing page quality,
– user’s location,
– the device it is using and the search context.

How to plan your Google Ads budget?

Typically, business owners are surprised that their budgets ran out so quickly. To avoid this situation, you should define not only a monthly budget, but also a daily budget for each campaign, taking into account your own priorities. The key product campaign will probably be more important to you than the campaign advertising the advisory content on the blog, so you can spend more on it. How do I determine my daily budget? All you need to do is multiply the maximum bid per ad by the number of times your ad is shown per day. If you have declared a maximum amount of 23 cents for a single click and you want your ad to appear 500 times, the daily cost of actions will be $ 115.

Please note that the total cost of the campaign may differ from your budget – the final price depends on how your ad will be assessed by the Google Ads system. You can find average estimated keyword bids in tools such as Semstorm, Ahrefs, and Senuto.

How to reduce advertising costs in Google Ads?

In order to reduce advertising expenses in Google Ads and minimize the risk of “burning through” the budget, it is worth preparing the campaign for less competitive and narrow phrases, for example phrases with the product name. Then you will reach buy-oriented customers. They enter a less popular phrase in the search engine window, but it gives a high chance of conversion. If your profits increase over time, you will be able to expand your campaign with more popular words and check your ad performance.

Tip: Don’t campaign for the most general words, such as “shoes” for example, as your CPC-click bid will be high and the chance to convert low. The more specific the phrase, the lower its cost will be.

One way to reduce your spend and increase the chances of conversion is also to limit your ad serving to specific times of the day. If you run local advertising efforts and want to attract visits to your restaurant that is open from noon to midnight, you should make sure your ads run during this time, not outside of opening hours. You can use geo-targeting in the same way – make sure that your local business ads are shown to people nearby who can use your services.

Comparison of SEO prices and ads in the Google Ads system

Both positioning and paid Google Ads campaigns can be a source of acquiring new conversions and customers. Therefore, the best solution is the synergy of both advertising strategies. Over time, you can reduce the budget for your Google Ads campaign. Why does such a strategy pay off? Because the cost of acquiring a single customer (conversion) in the case of positioning will decrease. On the other hand, the cost of a Google Ads campaign, and thus the cost of acquiring one customer, will continue to increase as advertising costs in Google Ads are increasing.

Advertising on Google – Your investment in acquiring new customers

It is impossible to say exactly how much advertising on Google costs. It all depends on the industry, competitors’ activities, the size of your website or store, as well as the budget you set, the initial state of the site and the marketing goal you want to achieve. To achieve visible results, you must definitely assume that the monthly costs will be around $ 1,300 for SEO and a minimum of $ 2,500 for Google Ads. However, it is worth treating advertising on Google as an investment in increasing revenues. Thanks to positioning and Google Ads, you can attract new customers and increase the number of conversions several times.

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