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Remarketing for abandoned carts. How to do it right?

Online store owners face a variety of problems, and one of them is abandoned baskets. However, there are marketing mechanisms to recover them. In the following article, we will discuss what abandoned carts are and what you can do to reduce their number and increase the number of conversions in your online store.

What are abandoned baskets?

Abandoned carts are situations in online stores, in which the user, despite adding a product to the cart, ultimately does not decide to complete the transaction and place the order. Abandoned carts are a significant problem in e-commerce businesses and force their owners to focus on conversion optimization. Abandoned carts prove that positioning or Google Ads advertising, and therefore search engine visibility and traffic, are not enough for an online store to earn money.

Reasons for abandoned carts

Let’s consider why customers fail to complete the order. There are several elements related to both the construction and design of your e-commerce website and your sales policy that can influence your customers’ purchasing decisions and abandoned carts. We will discuss each of them below.

Abandoned baskets and high shipping costs

The high cost of delivery of the order is one of the reasons why users refrain from completing the transaction despite adding a product to the cart. The best solution to this problem is to introduce free shipping for purchases of a certain amount in the store. Perhaps this is quite a cost for the store owner, but research shows that such a policy can increase net profits by up to 20-30% and reduce the number of unpaid orders.

Abandoned baskets and unexpected costs

If a customer sees additional costs on the checkout page that they did not know before, there is a very high probability that they will abandon the cart and ultimately fail to complete the transaction. To eliminate this problem, or at least reduce it, inform the user on the product sheet about all additional costs, such as delivery costs, possible taxes and additional charges. You can implement a shipping cost calculator or propose a discount code. You can successfully use plugins on e-commerce platforms to implement the calculator.

Abandoned carts and a site unsuitable for mobile

Technical errors on the website may also be responsible for abandoned carts, especially the lack of adaptation of the e-commerce website to paying for transactions on mobile devices. If payment via a smartphone is difficult, the user may cancel the order and choose a competition despite adding a product to the basket.

Abandoned baskets and User Experience

User Experience, i.e. user experience on the website or in the store, is starting to play an increasingly important role in the Internet. Poorly designed UX can also result in a high number of abandoned carts. UX issues that may limit conversions include:
– too long purchasing process and too many fields to fill in the ordering process,
– it is not possible to complete the order without registration,
– no possibility to edit the basket (removing products) or complicated editing,
– no progress bar in the shopping cart – the user does not know what stage of the purchasing process he is at and how many steps he still has to take.

Abandoned baskets – other causes

In one of the studies in the USA, Americans also indicated problems with transaction security and product return as the reasons for abandoned shopping carts. These issues can be easily resolved by adding customer return extensions to your e-commerce platforms, and by implementing secure payment systems such as PayPal. Also, a complicated procedure and too many steps may be the reason why the customer does not fulfill the order. To reduce this hurdle, limit the ordering process to a maximum of three steps.

How to save abandoned baskets? 4 effective ways

An abandoned cart can be saved. For this purpose, it is worth using marketing activities, thanks to which you will remind the user about your store and the product added to the basket. Successful campaigns to save abandoned baskets include:
– Google Ads remarketing campaigns, especially dynamic remarketing,
– Facebook Ads remarketing campaigns,
– remarketing via e-mail messages,
– popups saving abandoned baskets.

Google Ads remarketing for abandoned baskets

How to recover abandoned carts and increase conversions in the online store? Use Google Ads remarketing campaigns. They allow you to reach users who previously visited your website, including those who added the product to the cart. Ads will be displayed while browsing websites associated with the Google advertising network. Thus, Display Remarketing offers a second chance to make a good first impression with the bonus of creating a stronger, personalized message. Moreover, it is profitable – research shows that 26% of users will fulfill the order after seeing the remarketing ad.

How to create a remarketing campaign on the Google Display Network?

To implement Google Ads remarketing, you need:
– linked Google Ads and Google Analytics accounts;
– a tracking code that will allow you to check which pages the users have reached – in the case of remarketing for abandoned carts, the shopping cart page or the payment page will be important; Create the code in Google Ads – click the tools icon at the top of the page, then go to Shared resources -> Audience management – Your data sources. In the Google Ads Tag tab, select “Set up tag“;
– remarketing list – to create one you need 1000 users for remarketing ads on the search network and 100 users for remarketing on the display network. You can create a list in Google Analytics.

Dynamic remarketing in Google Ads

You can target ads with personalized content to users on your remarketing list. Dynamic remarketing is an effective method. To run it, you additionally need a product file that you add in Google Merchant Center. The Google Ads system will automatically create a graphical ad based on the data (price, name, description, photo) contained in the product feed. Thanks to this, the user who added a product to the basket will see his advertisement, and after clicking on it, he will be transferred to the product page.

How to optimize remarketing ads in Google Ads and increase their effectiveness?

There are a few best practices that can help you get the most out of your remarketing ads in Google Ads for abandoned carts. To increase their effectiveness:
– take care of segmentation of users from remarketing lists (e.g. according to the value of an abandoned cart, time of visit to the website, exit page or customer type – new or regular customer),
– offer discounts, rebates, gift cards etc.,
– test and constantly check the effectiveness of various marketing messages.

Advantages of Google Ads remarketing

Google Ads remarketing reaches over 90% of recipients. It allows you to advertise on the search network, on the Google Display Network, as well as on YouTube or Gmail. A personalized brand message that the user already knows gives much better results than traditional advertising on the search network.

Facebook Ads remarketing – recover abandoned carts

How to increase sales in an online store and recover an abandoned cart? One of the tools you can use is the Facebook Ads system. Thanks to it, you can create one remarketing message that will be displayed both on Facebook and Instagram. How to prepare an ad for abandoned carts in Facebook Ads? Please follow the steps below.

1. Install Facebook Pixel – this is a small piece of code that connects your website to your business Facebook profile. It allows you to track users’ actions (conversions) on your website via Facebook and Instagram.
2. After installing the Facebook pixel, you will be able to start logging events from your e-commerce site. In the case of remarketing, the most important things will be: displaying the product page, adding the product to the cart and reaching the payment page.
3. Create a product file on your website containing a list of all products in the store. You can use an Excel spreadsheet for this purpose and manually upload it to Facebook, or use plugins such as Facebook Product Feed for Shopify or PixelYourSite for WooCommerce.

Based on the product feed and the information collected about events on your website, Facebook will display dynamic ads to users. They will include:
– a photo of the product that the user added to the cart but did not buy,
– a brief name of the product,
– call to action.

How to recover abandoned carts with email marketing?

Do you want to recover an abandoned cart? For this purpose, use the remarketing functions of e-commerce platforms (built-in or available in the form of plug-ins / extensions), which, for example, will allow you to send an automatic e-mail to the user who, despite entering the e-mail address in the order form, did not make a purchase. Shopify’s e-commerce platform offers built-in Abandoned Cart Retargeting Email functionality. In the case of Magento and WooCommerce, the functionality can be implemented by installing additional plugins. As a store owner, you can adapt the content of the email to your brand’s communication strategy. To encourage users to complete an order, you can:
– ask them if they need help,
– inform about low stock levels,
– offer a time-limited discount.

However, remember not to create too many e-mails – users may receive them as spam. 2 or 3 personalized messages are enough. If you want to increase the chance that the user will open the message, make sure that the title is attractive, for example:
– [product name] is waiting for you,
– you have unfinished purchases in your basket,
– hurry up and complete the order,
– take advantage of the discount / free delivery and complete the order.

Pop-ups – how to save abandoned baskets?

Do you want to recover an abandoned cart? You can do this before the user leaves the site. All thanks to popups. These are messages that are displayed as a result of specific mouse movements (eg aimed at closing the tab or clicking the “back” button). Thanks to them, you can remind the user about the products he has in the basket. To make the message effective, offer a discount or free delivery – these factors can influence your purchasing decision and increase your sales and conversion rate. You can also:
– enter a temporary offer, e.g. a rebate code valid for 24 or 48 hours only,
– combine a pop-up window with the acquisition of an e-mail address – even if the user does not complete the transaction at the moment, you can remind him of yourself via a personalized message.


Users abandon shopping carts – this is an inevitable phenomenon and no e-commerce business can fully eliminate this problem. However, thanks to marketing campaigns, it is possible to reduce the number of abandoned carts and increase e-commerce sales. The combination of several different campaigns – such as Google Ads remarketing and Facebook Ads – can give good results and increase revenues in your store.

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