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How to build customer loyalty through internet marketing? 16 great tips

Many e-commerce businesses and businesses investing in internet marketing focus on acquiring new customers. This is obviously an effective tactic, but in online advertising it is also worth focusing on retaining the customers we have already acquired. How to retain the customer and build loyalty to the company through internet marketing? Check out our tips.

Customer loyalty – what is it?

Customer loyalty can be defined as a lasting, positive relationship between the customer and the brand that generates the likelihood that the customer will repeat the relationship with the company. Customer loyalty is the driving force behind repeat purchases and the promotion and recommendation of your brand.

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Why is customer loyalty important in business?

Customer loyalty affects almost every aspect of running your business, and certainly your revenue. Thanks to satisfied and loyal customers who regularly buy from your company, you will be able to survive and grow. What’s more, thanks to loyal, committed customers, you can reach new audiences – with referrals.

How To Build Loyalty And Customer Retention Using Internet Marketing? 16 tips

Below you will find a dozen tips that will allow you not only to reach new customers, but above all to retain and even increase the engagement of those who have already chosen your service or product.

1. How to build customer loyalty to the company? Constantly publish new content

Your website should be “alive”, so constantly update it with new, attractive content. In this way, you will not only arouse the interest of users (new and current customers), but also make your website more frequently visited and indexed by Google robots. If you constantly write new blog articles, even your trusted and loyal customers have a reason to keep coming back to your site.

Fresh and up-to-date content is also a signal to users that it is worth visiting your website, and the increased traffic has a positive effect on website positioning. Therefore, not only create new content, but also update old ones, especially if you operate in a dynamic industry where a lot can change in a short time. Here are some strategies to keep your content up to date:

– Set aside a specific time each week to create new content and stick to your schedule.
– Brainstorm once a month and choose at least a dozen topics or activities you want to take up. This way, you will get one plan for a longer period of time and you won’t have to repeatedly think about what content you will be creating in the near future.

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2. How do I keep a user on the site? Take care of high-quality content

Website content is needed to both attract new customers and retain existing customers. However, to fulfill their function, they should be of high quality. How to keep customers on your website with content marketing and ensure its high quality?

– Remember about the content – the content should carry real value and fulfill the search intention.
– Make the content readable by using headings, bullets, bolds.
– Use the language of benefits – show your regular customer how the product or service will improve the quality of their life, support their business, develop sales, etc.

3. How to build customer trust and loyalty? Constantly optimize existing content

The content on the website not only becomes outdated in terms of content. They may also get old and not fit the expectations of modern users, and these, as we know, are subject to numerous changes. Therefore, when analyzing the content and consider whether it requires optimization. optimization may consist of:

– adding new key phrases to the content that have become more popular,
– verify that all internal and external links work – a broken link may be the reason for limited trust and loyalty of regular customers,
– checking whether the content still corresponds to the intentions of users,
– adding links in old articles to new blog entries,
– removing low-quality content,
– removing broken links.

4. How to retain a customer through internet marketing? Take care of the technical aspects of the website’s operation

The technical aspects of the website can affect the loss of even loyal customers. A site that is brilliant or suddenly not working on a mobile device are situations that can make even committed customers choose the competition’s offer. Therefore, constantly analyze the website in terms of its operation and technical aspects by:

– website speed verification,
– improving the website’s mobile optimization,
– removing broken links,
– updating any plugins you use,
– updating the SSL certificate,
– selecting a server with appropriate performance.

5. Tools for building customer loyalty. Bet on modern content marketing

Text content and a blog are not enough in today’s internet marketing. How to retain customers and build loyalty through content marketing? Use modern forms such as:

– podcasts shared on Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, etc.,
– e-books,
– video on the website and on YouTube,
– product reviews in the form of videos,
– graphics and infographics.

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6. How to keep a customer through internet marketing? Use personas

User analysis is one of the ways to obtain information about the customer and provide them with content that will keep them on the page and encourage them to make further purchases. Based on the data collected by tools (eg Google Analytics), create customer personas and define their common behavioral, demographic and other characteristics. This will help you understand their needs and better match the message to their expectations.

7. How to build customer loyalty? Actively encourage the sharing of opinions

Before you start actively building customer loyalty and engagement, you need to know what attracts them to your business. One of the ways is to actively encourage recipients to share their opinion about your product, service, order fulfillment or order. In this way, you not only give an impulse to engage new users, but also gain confirmation for existing customers that it is worth trusting you.

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– Install a plugin that will send the customer an automatic request for feedback some time after the order has been processed.
– Involve the customer service department in obtaining feedback. Its members can ask for opinions during face-to-face or telephone interviews.
– Offer a discount in exchange for sharing your opinion.
– Create a loyalty program in which, in return for sharing your opinion, the user collects points that can then be exchanged for free products or a discount.

8. How to build a loyal group of customers? Take care of the implementation of the loyalty / partner program

A loyalty program for regular customers is an effective way to engage them even more. It may consist in collecting points for the funds spent on products and exchanging them for free products or discounts or free delivery. For a service company, consider creating an affiliate program for long-term clients. He may rely on the referral program. The client recommends your services to another company, in return he receives a percentage of the invoice and generates passive income.

9. How to keep the client? Create user-directed content at different stages of the shopping funnel

In internet marketing, including content marketing, it is important to keep the customer at the initial stage of their purchasing path. To do this and build a loyal customer base, you need to create content that reaches audiences at different stages and customer lifecycles. To do this, develop a content marketing and advertising strategy that includes the following types of content:

– guide and educational articles, Google Ads and social media ads as well as store / page positioning in the search engine – for customers building awareness,
– product comparisons, webinars and product reviews, product descriptions for users who are at the stage of getting to know the product, – live chat for purchase-oriented customers,
– after-sales content, social media groups for regular customers.

10. How to increase customer loyalty? Take care of the quality of customer service

How to retain a customer and build loyalty and trust towards the company? Take care of the high quality of customer service and its availability. For this purpose:

– take care of training in soft skills,
– define as your goal building long-term relationships with clients, based on partnership principles,
– ensure the availability of the customer service team by launching a live chat,
– make sure you can contact us using the contact form outside office hours,
– remember that members of the customer service team should respond to messages and inquiries as soon as possible,
– preferably on the same day,
– hire a person who will respond to users’ messages and activity on social media,
– provide good after-sale service.

11. How to keep a client on the Internet? Be wherever your customers are

All companies are moving towards digitization, and your own website is just the beginning of activities that will allow you to reach regular and new customers. Therefore, if you want to build an engaged audience, you need to conduct marketing activities on as many platforms as possible and constantly develop. Until a few years ago, no one heard about TikTok, and today it is a must-have channel if you want to reach Generation Z with your message. What other platforms do you need to use?

– Facebook,
– LinkedIn to build business relationships,
– Instagram,
– YouTube,
– podcast sharing platforms,

Pinterest and Twitter are also noteworthy.

12. Tools for building customer loyalty. Remember about personalization

Recipients like to feel special. You can provide them with personalization. How to implement it in a company or online store?

– Remember to personalize the newsletter – use the name at the beginning of the email,
– Offer an individual discount code.
– Use artificial intelligence and machine learnign in internet marketing and match recommended products to previous purchases and customer choices

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13. How to build customer loyalty? Add VIP offers for loyal customers

Loyal customers who often choose your products or use your services like to feel appreciated. You can do this with VIP offers aimed at customers who meet certain requirements, such as those who have spent a certain amount on purchases in your store. The VIP program can also encourage less committed customers to be more active in order to meet the conditions.

14. Tools for building customer loyalty. Invest in a newsletter

A newsletter is a way of communicating with your customers by which you can reach a loyal and committed audience. How to build loyalty with a newsletter? You can give subscribers access to pre-sales, specials, free shipping. How else can you engage and build customer loyalty with the newsletter? Keep them informed about promotions and news, and offer subscribers additional materials, e.g. a free e-book.

15. How to build customer loyalty? Share knowledge for free

Customers willingly return to those brands and companies that share their knowledge for free. How can you use this to build loyalty?

– Create content for the blog.
– Prepare a special guide for your regular customers, newsletter subscribers or members of the loyalty program.
– Create e-books and make them available on the download site for free.
– Organize free training for your clients.
– Create a podcast series or YouTube educational channel

16. How to keep a client? Take care of implementing subscription purchases

The subscription-based shopping model is gaining popularity not only in the service sector, but also in the sale of products. This is one of the tools for building loyalty and customer retention that you can successfully use on your platform or in an online tool, but also in an online store. How to do it? Offer to send the customer the ordered set of products at specified intervals in return for a recurring fee. In this way, you gain a regular customer who does not have to worry about the next order, because it will come to your door without his involvement. Such solutions are used by, among others HP brand that offers the HP INK service. In return for a fixed monthly fee, it sends ink to printers to customers (based on their declared number of pages printed per month).


Customer loyalty and commitment are crucial in building a profitable company or online store. If you’re not yet prioritizing activities focused on keeping your repeat customers engaged, this is where you can get started. Use our tips and encourage customers to buy again in the store and use the service again.

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