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How to make a good landing page in local SEO? Optimization Guide

If your company only offers its services in one area, positioning is relatively simple. All you need to do is create the main page and offer pages, supplement them with content, take care of technical SEO and incoming links, and create a Google business card for the company. But what if you offer your services in many cities in Indonesia, e.g. in several provinces? Then, a proven solution is extensive local SEO for cities. Let’s check how and why to position city landing pages (landing pages) in local SEO.

Urban landing page, or local landing page – what is it?

Urban landing pages are special landing pages that describe a given product or service designed to attract users from a specific location using a local SEO strategy. With the help of a local landing page, you improve the relevance of the page in relation to the user’s query in the Google search engine and you reach users who are really looking for your services and want to use them. To increase traffic and relevance, you can create separate landing pages for nearby towns and cities you want to reach with your offer.

SEO of local landing pages – for whom?

Local SEO, including the positioning of landing pages for cities (locations) , will work primarily in the case of companies that have their physical headquarters in a given place. These can be, for example, car rental companies that have branches in different cities. This does not mean, however, that other companies cannot take advantage of the advantages of positioning landing pages for cities. A local SEO strategy works just as well for companies that are not physically based in a given location, but are able to offer services in a given area. These can be, for example:

– photovoltaic companies that commute to customers in various areas, perform the necessary measurements, prepare a photovoltaic installation project and provide assembly on-site,
– marketing agencies that offer their online services to clients from all over Indonesia,
– car rental companies with branches in different cities and in different locations in the same town.

How to make an effective landing page for the city step by step?

Not every landing page is good. For local positioning to really work, you need to create a local landing page optimized for a specific geographic area. It will not always be a city – you can plan on your website to create local landing pages aimed at residents or entrepreneurs from a specific district, provided that they are actually looking for your services in a given area.

How to make an urban landing page? Step 1: Find out where your customers are located

You want to reach your target customers with local landing pages. But first, you need to know where your target customers are located. It makes no sense to create local landing pages for cities that don’t have your audience. Even if you generate 100,000 pageviews, your sales may be small. Before you create a landing page:

– check where your recipients are coming from,
– think what audience you would like to reach – maybe you don’t have customers from a given location, but you would like to.

How do I check the location of my target audience? Use Google Analytics 4. In the User> Demographics report you will find information about the cities your recipients come from. If your cities overlap with the locations where you offer your services, create separate landing pages for them.

Also, check if users are looking for specific services in cities from which you have no audience. You can use the Google Keyword Planner for this . Enter the name of your service in the search engine along with the name of the city to which you want to direct the landing page, e.g. photovoltaic Poznań, and check the average monthly number of searches and the size of competition for the key phrase. If there are a lot of searches, it is worth creating a landing page for the selected location.

How to make a good landing page? Step 2: Develop a keyword strategy

A good landing page for a city’s website is one that reaches target customers. How can you increase the relevance of your landing page and match it to customer expectations? Develop the right keyword strategy . For this purpose, use the Google search engine, Google Keyword Planner and Surfer tools.

– In the Google search engine, check the “similar searches” section and the phrases that Google suggests for autocomplete.
– In Google Keyword Planner, enter a keyword associated with your listing and location and see what other phrases people are typing on Google. Search primarily for phrases with low competition and high search volume, as well as long tail phrases. They are less popular, but they reflect customer expectations well, thus increasing the chance of conversion. Use these phrases in your content.
– In the Surfer, enter the key phrase in the Serp Analyzer tab. In response, you will receive a competition analysis in Google’s top10. You can see what words and phrases are used on other sites and apply them to your content marketing strategy .

How to create an urban landing page? Step 3: Prepare useful content

There is no effective landing page for the city without content marketing. If you want to generate sales and drive customers with landing pages, you need to create original content for each of them. Remember about:

– headline optimization, especially the H1 header, which should include the name of the service and location (city or city and district),
– using keywords in a natural way – do not saturate the content, using keywords in an altered and unchanged form,
– avoiding duplication of content – a good landing page has original content, so it is not a good idea to prepare one content for all landing pages with only the name of the city replaced,
– developing useful and interesting content about the offer in a given location – comprehensively describe your offer for companies or residents of a given city / district,
– using the language of benefits,
– content readability – use bullets, bolts on important fragments, headings, divide the content into paragraphs,
– supplementing the content with attractive visual elements – graphics and infographics, screens, etc.

How to design an effective city landing page? Step 4: Take care of technical optimization

How to design and make a good landing page for the city in local positioning? Take care of technical optimization of your landing page, which includes:

– optimization of the URL address, which should include the name of the service and the name of the city, e.g. solar-panels-poznan,
– optimization of the title and description, i.e. the title and description of the page – in each of these elements, you should include the name of the city to indicate to search engine robots and users that the landing page is directed to a specific location,
– optimization of the internal link structure in such a way that the local website includes links related to its content, e.g. links to other services provided in the same area.

How to make a good landing page? Step 5: Remember about mobile optimization

A good and effective landing page is one that is functional on any device , regardless of its screen size. Therefore, make sure that your landing page in Local SEO is mobile-friendly. For this purpose, you can implement a responsive version of the website that adjusts its appearance to the screen size of the device used by the user. Also remember to:

– check yourself how the city’s landing page looks and works on a mobile device,
–  adjust the font to the size of the device,
– take care of the appropriate gaps between the buttons.

How to design an urban landing page? Step 6: Work on your landing page speed

Internet users are impatient – if the page takes longer than 5 seconds, 37% of users will leave it (according to the Pingdom survey available at: -rate /). Therefore, you must provide them with the information they need as quickly as possible. How to design an effective landing page? Make sure your city’s landing page has a good load time on both your mobile and desktop devices. To do this, use the PageSpeed ​​Insights tool. There you will find information about the speed of the page and tips on what can be improved. Page changes that may affect load times include:

– shortening HTML and JavaScript codes,
– limiting the use of interactive elements,
– use of modern photo formats – JPG or JPEG,
– using a network of distributed CDN servers,
– use of server-side rendering,
– using the cache to load a page,
– website optimization for Core Web Vitals .

Landing page optimization for local SEO. Step 7: Use structured data structured data is additional information that you can embed in your landing page’s HTML code to display additional information about your page in Google search results. In the case of city landing pages, it is particularly important to add structured data about contact and location and ratings, if it allows users to add them on the website. Structured data is not a ranking factor yet, but it can affect the number of clicks on the link and website traffic. As a rule, more traffic on the website should translate into a higher position in organic search results. Find out more:

– See how to check website traffic.
– Check how to increase traffic to the website.
– See how to analyze user traffic in e-commerce.

How to make a good landing page? Step 8: Add evidence of trust on the website

Your urban landing page should encourage you to use the service intended for people from a given location. To increase the number of inquiries, consider adding evidence of trust on your landing page. These include:

– positive opinions about your services from customers,
– information about the certificates you have received,
– information on participation in industry conferences,
– information about publications in industry articles,
– information on the technologies used that guarantee the security of the entrusted data.

How do I optimize my landing page? Step 9: Take care of optimization of conversion and UX

If you want to transform traffic on your city landing page into sales, you also need to optimize conversion and UX in positioning . These are activities that increase the comfort of using the landing page and facilitate the user’s path to achieving the goal. Conversion optimization and UX on the landing page include, among others:

– mobile optimization,
– page speed optimization,
– improving readability on the website,
– adding a CTA on the website, which indicates to the user what step should be taken,
– adding contact information on the website,
– implementation on the map page with the location of your company’s seat,
– taking care of a simple design and page layout,
– adding a contact form on the landing page,
– adding the most important content in places where users focus their eyes and mouse movements (use heat maps to find such areas on your website),
– placing the website’s logo on the landing page.

Urban landing page development – what mistakes to avoid?

Many website owners make mistakes when creating their location landing pages that can cost you not only your Google rankings, but also loss of customers. These errors include:

– creating landing pages without content,
– stuffing lists of cities and zip codes as well as keywords on landing pages,
– hiding local landing pages deep in the structure of your website.

Remember: you can create landing pages for nearby locations to reach people who know and are looking for your services. However, remember to enter the correct address of your field. Do not pretend that you have your own office in a given location, if in practice your services are carried out in a neighboring town.


Local landing page in SEO is an effective way to reach your target customers and offer them relevant content. However, you will achieve the assumed effects provided that you create a good and effective landing page, optimized for the expectations of users and Google algorithms . For this purpose, take care of the content, relevant keywords, conversion optimization and UX.

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