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Why is it worth investing in copywriting? 7 good reasons

Content is one of the pillars of internet marketing that influences the success of positioning websites and online stores. You can create content on your own, especially at the beginning of the road with your own website, but as your business grows, you should invest in professional copywriting. Why is it worth doing this? Below you will find 10 reasons that will convince you not only to create content, but also to cooperate with a copywriter or a content marketing agency.

Copywriting – what is it?

Not sure what copywriting is? It is an element of internet marketing, which consists in creating text-based content for websites, social media profiles and online advertising. Copywriting plays a very important role in the positioning of stores and websites – without content, achieving high positions in organic search results is practically impossible. However, the purpose of copywriting is not only to improve visibility on Google, but also to inform customers and encourage them to act (converting – selling, using the service, adding a product to the basket, etc.). Let’s check why it is worth investing in copywriting at all and whether cooperation with a freelance copywriter or agency is profitable.

Why is it worth investing in copywriting? 7 reasons that will convince you

Do you think SEO is overrated and that’s why you don’t invest in copywriting either, and your website is mostly photos? This is a mistake! Content on your site is important to both users and Google robots. Check why you should start creating content for your company website today.

1. Without content, there is no internet marketing

Do you know: “Content is King”? This is one of the most popular online marketing slogans that has been ruling promotional activities on the Internet for at least a few years and there is no end in sight. It means that content, including text content, is the pillar of internet marketing and without it it is difficult to achieve good results, build website traffic and attract new customers. All because content has different functions – on the one hand, it is needed by Google robots and, on the other hand, also for users, because it provides them with relevant information and can encourage action.

2. Copywriting = original content on the website

Copywriting ensures the originality of the content on the site. Do you think that the original content is unnecessary and use the content sent by producers, e.g. product descriptions from catalogs? This is a mistake! This type of content that you can theoretically use is likely to be found on several or a dozen other websites. This leads to duplicate content and misleads Google. Googlebot does not know which page to display higher as it cannot determine which content is original. If you create the content yourself or a copywriter does it for you, you will gain the trust of Google users and robots. Remember that a user on your website wants to learn more than what he can find in the product catalog. Therefore, invest in unique:

– product descriptions containing information relevant to users,
– product category descriptions, Landing Page content,
– blog content,
– content on the home page.

3. Copywriting is a support for positioning

There is no positioning without content and copywriting. If you want to improve your website’s rankings in Google’s organic search results, you need to create content. Thanks to them:

– your website will contain keywords that users enter into the search engine,
– you can improve the site architecture through internal linking,
– you can obtain external links if other people (readers, influencers, etc.) link to your website, e.g. to blog content,
– you build the image of an expert,
– you can reach customers who are looking for exactly the products or services that are in your offer.

4. Copywriting builds brand recognition

Why is it worth investing in copywriting? because thanks to the content on the website you can build and support brand recognition and awareness among consumers. If there is no content on your page or there is duplicate content, your site will stand out and the user will probably not remember it. However, if you create original and valuable content, your chances of building brand recognition increase, especially if the content goes viral and other users share it on social media, for example.

5. Copywriting and content support sales

Do you want to effectively improve sales and increase the number of conversions in the store or on the website? The content will certainly help with this! Why is it worth it? Because copywriting effectively supports online sales. How?

– Comprehensive content on the site allows customers to experience the product comprehensively without physically seeing it, as long as all relevant information is included in the product descriptions.
– The offer content on the website allows you to get to know the service at the investment consideration stage – the content acts as your virtual representative, and the customer service department contacts the potential customer at a later stage and saves time on sales talks and negotiations.
– The content on the home page and the “About us” page represent your mission and image – if your company and user values coincide, you have a better chance of acquiring a customer.

6. Your competition is investing in copywriting

Still not convinced of copywriting? Remember that your competitors, especially those in the top positions on Google, have been investing in on-page content for many years. If there is little or no content on your site, you have no chance of competing with other companies in the same market. Extensive content on competitors’ sites not only generates visibility, but also traffic and sales. If you do not create the content yourself and you do not cooperate with a copywriter, your website is in low positions and users will not reach them.

7. Copywriting builds the image of an expert

Why is it worth to focus on copywriting? Because thanks to attractive and valuable content, you can build an image of an expert. If you create an interesting report, statement, interview on your own or with the help of a copywriter or agency, users will probably remember you and perhaps they will come to you when they search for products or services that you offer. Examples of content that builds the image of an expert include:

– blog articles,
– product reviews,
– statements, rankings, reports,
– interviews with influencers.

Why is it worth working with a professional copywriter? 3 good reasons

You don’t have the funds to work with a copywriter or a content marketing agency? You can create content yourself, especially at the beginning of your business. However, as your business grows, you should delegate more responsibilities, one of which is copywriting and creating content for the website. Let’s check why it is worth investing in specialist copywriting.

1. You save time

Cooperation with a professional copywriter saves time, especially in a situation where the development of the company is associated with an increase in the number of tasks and responsibilities. When a copywriter creates content for you, you can take care of the things you need to do personally.

2. You gain grammatically and stylistically correct content

Not everyone has to be a virtuoso of the word – if you do not have a “light pen”, better immediately look for a copywriter with a content portfolio in your industry and positive customer testimonials. This way you will get the content:

– substantive,
– correct in terms of grammar, punctuation and style,
– easy to pick up,
– containing key phrases, placed naturally.

3. You get content tailored to the style of communication

Why else is it worth investing in content written by a freelance copywriter or agency employee? Because in this way you get content tailored to your communication style. At the beginning of cooperation with a good agency, you should receive a brief to fill in, in which you specify, among others:

– who are your recipients – who are you addressing your offer to, what are the interests of the target group users, what is their age, gender, etc.
– communication style – how you want to address your readers.

Probably the copywriter, based on his own experience in your industry, will tell you what tactics to use and how to build a brand communication strategy.


If you are thinking about moving your business to the Internet or launching your own website or online store, you also need to think about content – without it you will not be successful. at the beginning, you can create content yourself, and as your business grows, look for a copywriter with a rich portfolio and customer references. An experienced and creative copywriter will not only create content for positioning, but also can help you come up with advertising slogans or Google Ads content.

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