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How to promote a new product on the Internet? Check out the best methods

Introducing a new product to the market is a real challenge, especially if you want the product to start earning money quickly and satisfy your target customers. One of the effective ways to promote a new product in your store is internet marketing. Check how to introduce a new product and inform your customers about it using market analysis, store page, Google search engine, social media and other promotional tools and channels.

Why are products getting to market failing?

Introducing a new product to the market and promoting it often ends in failure. A number of factors contribute to a lack of success, including:

– introducing a product that meets a need that does not exist yet,
– lack of prior education of recipients about the product,
– poor knowledge of e-commerce trends in a given industry,
– no competition analysis before introducing and promoting a new product,
–  no market analysis before launching the product,
– lack of in-depth analysis of the client and his needs at the stage of considering the implementation of a new product,
– too high price of the product, not matching the standards on the market,
– bad timing – introducing a new product at the same time as the competition,
– no prior promotion of the product through internet marketing.

How to promote a new product and build its popularity on the Internet?

The mere launch of a new product to the market does not mean that we will immediately build its sales. Success in product marketing requires advertising, as well as effective analysis of the market and customer needs. Check how to promote a new product on the market step by step with the help of internet marketing.

Promotion of a new product. Analyze the needs of your recipients

Even the best internet marketing for a product is not enough if the product does not meet the needs and expectations of customers. Therefore, before you decide to launch it on the market, check whether there will be a demand for it. For this purpose, you can:

– check market trends in the Google Trends tool,
– check what are the interests of your recipients in Google Analytics,
– read customer opinions about existing products and check what they appreciate (perhaps their functionality or durability, or a low price?),
– discover what problems your customers are struggling with – for this you can use surveys or telephone calls, especially if you have previously built long-term business relationships with your customers based on trust.

How to advertise a new product? Develop a customer persona

You already know more or less what your client’s needs and problems are. Based on the collected information, create an ideal customer profile (customer persona) . Consider:

– who is the client (age, gender),
– what is the client’s family and professional status,
– where the client lives (location),
– what are the interests of the target audience,
– what cultural habits the target audience has,
– what education does your ideal client have.

How to advertise a new product? Perform a competition analysis

In the process of introducing a new product to the market, as well as its promotion and advertising, it is worth taking into account the actions of the competition . Check:

–  is there a gap on the market that you can fill with your product,
–  does the competition have a similar product to the one you want to introduce,
– whether competing companies are planning to implement a new product at the same time,
– how competing companies promote products on the Internet (do they use positioning, paid Google promotion, etc.).

This information will allow you to better develop a strategy for introducing a new product and prepare for its advertising on the Internet.

How to promote a new product? Create a product better than the competition

The strong premiere of the product is built on its solid foundations. What does it mean? A conscious customer will not buy a product that is of poor quality. And even if he does buy it, quickly look for a better replacement. Therefore, based on the customer’s analysis, assess what priority functions and expectations your product should meet. If you are launching underwear for people who value good materials, take care of sewing in Poland, ecological material and shipping. If you plan to introduce a new toy to the market aimed at conscious parents who value ecological materials, prepare wooden toys. Products made of cheaper plastic will be appreciated by a different profile of recipients.

Promotion and advertising of new products. Define your goals

The main purpose of introducing a new product to the online store is to quickly generate sales. However, it is also worth setting other goals to better promote the product. They can be:

– building product awareness among target recipients,
– customer education,
– changing the perception of the brand by consumers,
– presenting the product to a specific number of recipients at a specific time.

How to advertise a new product? Create the perfect customer journey

How to promote a new product on the Internet? Develop the customer’s shopping path. Think about how you will get to the customer with your product and what steps you expect from the customer at each stage of the purchasing path. Develop advertising channels (positioning, email marketing, Google Ads advertising) and a conversion optimization strategy to encourage customers to buy.

Promotion of the product on the Internet. Take care of customer service

Currently, the sales volume of products – both new and already introduced in the store – is influenced not only by their price, but also by a number of other factors. One of them is the quality of customer service. How to involve the customer service department for effective product promotion?

– Conduct a training where you will introduce the new product, its benefits and functions.
–  Bet on educating the customer service department in building business relationships, empathy and assertiveness.
– Make sure that the customer service department is of the right size so that it is able to fulfill all inquiries and service customers on an ongoing basis.
– Consider implementing a chatbot or website chat to handle basic customer inquiries.

How to advertise a product on the Internet? Develop a marketing plan

Internet advertising is a modern trade lever. Only through marketing activities can you reach your target customers and build product awareness. To do this, develop a marketing strategy that includes:

– preparing a landing page for a new product,
– implementation of positioning and the development of keywords,
– building a content marketing strategy ,
– considering investing in Google Ads advertising ,
– developing an e-mail marketing strategy for product promotion,
– considering a discount policy for the sale of a new product,
– developing a pricing policy based on average prices in competing stores.

Remember that promotional activities should start many weeks or even months before implementing a new product. In this way, you will build a mood of anticipation. It is worth designing a new product page in advance, developing content and graphic materials, as well as implementing a clock that counts down the time to the premiere.

Promotion of a new product via the Internet. Increase your visibility in search results

Having a well-positioned website of an online store allows you to promote the product in a large group of recipients. Therefore, you should take care of the SEO of the store. For this purpose:

– use the Google Keyword Planner tool to create a list of keywords for which you want to promote a new product,
– develop a title and description for the product page,
– create attractive and useful content in which you can naturally place keywords,
– use the language of benefits in your content,
– take care of attractive photos of the product, presenting it from different perspectives, on a white background and in high quality (there can also be 360-degree photos),
– take care of SXO of the product page.

Promotion and advertising of a new product. Create a blog

How to promote a new product? Its success may also be achieved by a company blog where you will share knowledge from your industry. In this way, you will not only support the positioning of the store , but also build the image of an expert. Perhaps the recognition built in this way will allow you to reach a wider group of recipients when introducing a new product to the market and promoting it.

How to advertise a new product?Use a Google Ads

Google Ads advertising is an effective way to promote your products. You can use it right after a new product is introduced to the market to build awareness of the product in the Google search engine, as well as attract customers who have already visited the website. To do this, use:
– Google Shopping product ad ,
– Google Ads remarketing ,
– advertising on the search network network
– video advertisement.

Promotion of a new product.Apply personalized email marketing

How to reach current recipients with information about a new product? Apply personalized email marketing. Use the audience information you have (gender, age, interests, property, work and family status, etc.) and prepare personalized emails to introduce your new product. Make the user feel that the message was written especially for him – this may persuade him not only to go to the page, but also to make a purchase.

How to introduce and advertise a new product? Use the power of social media

If you don’t promote a new product on social media, you are missing out on huge reach. All because you are not where your audience is. Before you decide to promote the product on social media (paid and free) , check which platforms the users use. Choose the most popular ones and develop a marketing strategy for them. For this purpose:

– inform about the launch of a new product in organic mischief,
– buy a paid promotion for a new product and refine the target group ( Facebook Ads have extensive targeting options, e.g. on the situation,
– life of the recipient – planning a wedding, children, etc.),
– encourage the audience to interact,
– take care of positive opinions on your channels in social media,
– inform about the new product not only in posts but also on InstaStories.

How to promote a new product in the store? Optimize the user experience on the website

Did you know that the quality of the store’s website can also affect the attractiveness and popularity of your product as well as its sales? Therefore, before introducing a new product, you should ensure a positive user experience on the website by:

– verification that the website works well on various devices (make a test order on a smartphone or tablet),
–  improving the page speed with the PageSpeed ​​Insights tool,
– adding and optimizing CTA on the product page,
– placing all information about the product on the product page,
– taking care of understandable information structure and design of the store’s website,
– building an intuitive menu,
–  ensuring readability on the product page,
– placing on the product page information about the form and costs of shipping, payment methods and the possibility of returning and exchanging the product.

How to make a complaint about a new product? Use influencer marketing

Influencer are the kings and queens of social media marketing. Their use to promote a new product can significantly expand your audience. How to promote a new product with influencer marketing?

    Look for influencers who recommend products that match their lifestyle and views etc. A talk show participant who accepts any collaboration on social media may not inspire users’ trust.

– Find influencers with a trusted group of loyal audiences .
– In the process of choosing an influencer, pay attention not only to the reach, but also to the involvement – an influencer with a smaller group of more engaged recipients can bring better sales results than a large account with recipients who are not involved in the published content.
– Look for experts in their fields – if you want to implement a new cosmetic in an online drugstore, look for a person who has been dealing with this subject for years, has an education in a given field, etc.

Advertising of a new product on the Internet. Create a recommendation system

Word of mouth on the internet? Why not! It is used by brands such as Allegro, Uber or AirBnb, you can use it and you to promote new products. Develop a system thanks to which users, in return for recommending a product and making it available to another person, can get attractive discounts or free products or points that they can use to pay for orders.

How to promote a product on the Internet? Prepare a FAQ section for the new product

When a new product appears in an online store, users may have a lot of questions, which puts a significant burden on the customer service department. You can reduce this problem by preparing a FAQ section for a new product where you will answer the most frequently asked questions. Encourage users to visit it before deciding to contact them by phone or e-mail.


You need to prepare for a new product to be introduced to the market well before it actually appears in the store. Start with market and target audience analysis, then develop your marketing strategy and product page. Start promotional activities a few months before to build awareness of the product among the recipients. This way, you can count on to build interest quickly and generate your first sale.

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