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Increase traffic in your store! E-mail retargeting and Audience Mailing as a driving force in e-commerce

What can you do to increase the number of customers in your online store?

Unfortunately, many users who visit your store do not shop there. Their visit ends on the home page, on one of the subpages or on the cart page. Now imagine that you are able to recover some of this lost traffic. E-mail retargeting comes in handy. Check when and how to use e-mail retargeting to increase sales and how to acquire completely new customers.

How many baskets do your customers abandon?

Did you know that almost 7 out of 10 customers in your store decide to leave the shopping cart and not complete the transaction? (data collected by es.Paraphrase.Online). This information can be depressing for any owner, be it large or small e-commerce. Losing a customer, especially at the sales stage, when the user is really only one click away from making a purchase – PAY, hurts the most. According to the Paraphrase.Online study, the 5 main reasons for leaving the shopping cart are:

– Long and too complicated purchase process.
– Return policy unfavorable for the customer.
– No different payment options.
– Obligation to create an account on the website to complete purchases.
– Higher than expected delivery costs (e.g. additional customs duty).

However, your relationship with a potential customer should not end with an abandoned cart. The user has already taken the first step, now it’s time to make your move! Contact him and remind him of the purchases he left in your store.

Recover Lost Traffic – Email Retargeting

The easiest way to translate e-mail retargeting is to use information about users who have visited your store in order to personalize the messages you send them via e-mail.

You will get information on anonymous users – i.e. those who have not signed up to your database – via Revhunter. Revhunter is a tool for conducting effective email retargeting campaigns. By means of cookies, the system legally acquires information about users who have visited your online store. You, on the other hand, can send these people an e-mail, displaying specific products that they viewed on the store’s website or added to the cart.

With e-mail retargeting, you can:

– Provide customers with an offer tailored to the history of their previous purchases.
– Send an e-mail to people who have already shown some interest in specific products on the store’s website, e.g. browsed white women’s sneakers.
– Display in the e-mail the products that the user has placed in the cart.

When Should You Use Email Retargeting?

In fact, there are several situations where retargeting efforts are recommended to online store owners. A personalized e-mail, sent in a timely manner, can influence the recipient’s purchasing intentions and encourage them to return to the store’s website and complete their purchases. When Should You Use Email Retargeting?

1. When you have a high cart abandonment rate in your online store.
2. When you want to attract the attention of anonymous users who have visited your site and have not viewed any products on it or added anything to the cart.
3. When you intend to match the appropriate rebate code to a person who has already been interested in a specific product category on your website.

How to increase traffic in your online store?

If you want to conduct effective email retargeting activities, you need to have adequate traffic on your website. When you have e.g. 1 client a day – this action will not bring the expected results. With Revhunter, however, you can increase traffic and attract new customers interested in your offer. How?

Using Audience Mailing.

Audience shipping is about reaching new users who have never made a purchase from your store. Revhunter, having access to external databases of its partners, reaches with your offer people who have similar interests and shopping preferences to current customers. This means that your website will not be visited by random people, but by those who are most likely to buy.

Increase your website traffic to increase sales in your online store. Create a free Revhunteer account and test these two solutions: e-mail retargeting and Audience Mailing.

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