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Why does SEO never end? Top 9 Reasons

Until a few years ago, being online meant creating a website. A lot has changed now, and just having your own website does not guarantee success on the Internet. Entrepreneurs decide to position themselves, but they often give up actions after a shorter or longer period of time. Is it right? Not necessarily. Let’s check why positioning is a continuous process and why you should not give it up.

Why is positioning a continuous process that never ends?

Positioning involves a number of activities aimed at obtaining high positions in organic search results for phrases related to the offer. The result of increased visibility should also be an increase in traffic. Unfortunately, after achieving the planned effects, you should not stop positioning. Let’s check why positioning is a continuous process and why you shouldn’t give it up.

1. Because the competition invests in SEO

High positions in organic search results for phrases related to the offer will not persist if you give up positioning. When you stop optimizing your website, sooner or later your competition, which still focuses on positioning, will overtake you. If your industry is very competitive and there are many companies on the market offering the same or similar services or products, it will be difficult for you to acquire customers without positioning. Perhaps customers who already got to know your offer will come back, but the new ones will be won by the competition (as is the case with us, for example), e.g. a different paraphrasing tool.

Why is positioning a continuous process? Because after pause, your website may eventually fall to the other or lower side of organic results. Only a small percentage of users reach it – the first three positions in SERPs get the most clicks. If you do not want to lose the achieved results, treat positioning as a permanent investment. This is confirmed by research in which it turned out that the organic rankings of companies that stopped positioning dropped by as much as 30.

2. Because the market, industry and your business are constantly changing

Positioning of websites is a continuous process also because the market, the entire industry and your business are constantly changing. There are still new products, services, gadgets and solutions that you may want to introduce in your company. If you want to promote a new product or service, you should start positioning your online store for new keywords to build the visibility of the subpage. If you decide to expand your business into a new area but don’t create a listing subpage for the new location (like us, who created the Spanish Paraphrase Tool), you will also lose potential customers.

If you give up on SEO, promoting new products will be difficult, and competitors still investing in SEO are likely to attract your potential customers.

3. Because the habits and behavior of users are subject to numerous and frequent changes

Why is positioning a continuous process? Because just as the Google search engine changes, so do the habits and behavior of users on the Internet. To keep up with them, you need to constantly optimize your website. Just a few years ago, optimization for mobile devices was not a priority in positioning, but nowadays, without a responsive or mobile version of the website, it will be difficult to achieve high positions in organic search results and high sales. The ways in which users formulate passwords are also changing. In countries where the Google Assistant has gained popularity, search queries increasingly resemble traditional questions. If the Google assistant was used more often in Poland, the phrases in positioning would need to be updated. Those entrepreneurs who would not do so will be left behind. Even if they do not lose their previously earned positions, they will not get traffic because users will search for their services in a different way.

4. Because the algorithm is subject to numerous updates and is still being improved

The search engine algorithm is constantly being improved. All this to offer users the best experience and the most relevant content. A few years ago, search engine robots had a problem with recognizing synonyms or discovering connections between words in a phrase. Currently, they use artificial intelligence and recognize the intentions of users better and better. This is just one of the many changes and updates to the algorithm over the years. They confirm that positioning is a continuous process, and the optimization of pages must be constantly adapted to the requirements of search engines.

5. Because building an expert image and brand authority takes time

One of the elements influencing the effectiveness of positioning is the authority and brand image determined by the PageRank algorithm. It indicates popular and trustworthy domains. Why positioning never ends and is a continuous process? Because it takes time to gain the trust of Google’s robots. High PageRank has pages that:

– have an extensive, natural profile of links coming from valuable websites,
 – have a large amount of attractive, [useful and substantive content],
– they exist on the market for a long time and are recognizable by users.

New sites that are up and running do not have a PageRank. Therefore, if you give up SEO after a few months, you will not have a chance to build trust, create interesting content and obtain a sufficient number of valuable links. If, in turn, you invest in long-term SEO cooperation, after a few years you will certainly increase your revenues and build an image of an expert among Google users and robots.

6. Because the popularity of keywords is subject to change

Google research shows that 15% of searches made by users during the year are new terms, never entered into the search window before. This means that business and website owners can rank their sites on new and new passwords. This is why positioning is an ongoing process. If you discontinue it, you will not find out that you can conduct promotional activities for new phrases related to your offer. You need to constantly follow searches in your industry and create new subpages for new keywords.

7. Because sites regularly lose links to them

Website owners are not always aware that they regularly lose external links pointing to their sites. This is for a number of reasons:

– due to the fact that many owners delete their sites or individual pages on sites,
– due to the editing of websites,
– due to the fact that the owner of the company decided to close the business.

If a site has been removed and there were links on it pointing to your page, that only means one thing: the links are gone. While Google experts say that removed links still have power, it is much less powerful than existing links. If you have lost some links, you should supplement them with new links. However, you will only find out about lost links if you regularly conduct SEO and keep your finger on the pulse. if you stop acting, you will not find out about the removal of links, you will not be able to make up for the losses, which means that the competition will overtake you.

8. Because trends keep changing

Why is positioning a continuous process? One of the reasons is the volatility of trends in internet marketing and positioning. At the beginning of the 21st century, it was enough to obtain a large number of incoming links without paying attention to the quality of their source to obtain high positions in organic search results. Currently, such actions violate Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and may result in a penalty from Google. Currently, just like a few years ago, one of the foundations of positioning is content marketing, but it is also changing. New forms of content marketing are coming to the fore – in addition to text materials, recordings, infographics, webinars and podcasts are becoming popular. Therefore, you need to constantly position your website in line with current trends. You cannot assume that the methods that are working now will also be effective in a few years. If you want to stay up to date with trends, consider long-term cooperation with an SEO agency. The specialists working in it keep track of changes and important updates that may harm their customers’ websites or, on the contrary, help them.

9. Because Google robots appreciate fresh and up-to-date content

Interesting and well-optimized content can attract traffic to your website and numerous customers, as well as achieve high positions in organic search results. Such content can be blog articles (advice, educational, reports, lists), infographics, videos, podcasts and much more. Google robots appreciate up-to-date content, which is why they will reward sites that are constantly updated with high positions. Updates mean that Google robots crawl (visit) your site more often. If you stop creating content, sooner or later your positions in organic search results will be taken by other pages that will contain more substantive and up-to-date content. That is why it is worth constantly expanding the content available on the website – creating new articles and updating and refreshing the old ones.


Positioning is not a one-time action, but a continuous process that requires time, knowledge and experience, but above all patience. Satisfactory SEO results can be achieved after a few months, but also after 2 years of cooperation, which is confirmed by case studies of our clients from various industries. Nevertheless, it is worth constantly investing in positioning and not giving up your activities after 3 months or after reaching high positions. The positions obtained once are not permanent and may change as a result of competition, changes in user behavior, changes in the market and Google updates.

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