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13 User Experience practices that will increase the number of conversions

Good User Experience means a user-friendly interface that makes the user easily achieve the intended goal on the website. Each, even the smallest element placed on the site connects with others and plays a role in obtaining conversions. All these elements together determine the user experience. Let’s check how to increase the conversion rate through UX optimization and what elements of User Experience are worth paying attention to.

How does User Experience affect the conversion rate?

The more intuitive the website design and user-friendly interface, the greater the chance of conversions. Therefore, it is worth taking care of positive user experiences – they encourage recipients to achieve their goals and be more engaged on the website. In turn, a bad UX of a website or store can make the user leave the site quickly or get lost on the way to achieving the goal and ultimately fail to convert. See how UX and conversion optimization influence each other. Let’s check how you can improve the User Experience of the site to increase the conversion rate, and what elements of the interface and user experience you should pay attention to.

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1. How to increase the conversion rate by placing CTA buttons?

Where you place your CTA has a big impact on the UX of your website. CTAs placed in inconspicuous places can limit the number and conversion rate. The purpose of many sites is to sell products, subscriptions or registrations. CTAs are an integral part of conversions, as is their placement. When it comes to call-to-action buttons, it is also worth taking care of the color scheme. It is widely believed that green CTA buttons are more effective than red ones because green is usually perceived as “start” and red as “stop”. This has a big impact on the perception of the brand, but if you focus on conversions, you also need to take care of the visibility of the buttons and the content placed in them. CTAs that generate high performance tend to contain words that evoke emotion, create a sense of urgency, and show scarcity. Why? Because a CTA written this way will make your users convert.

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2. How to increase the number of conversions by optimizing the page speed?

Another important element of User Experience that can affect the number of conversions is the page load time. How to increase the conversion rate by optimizing the page speed? Take care of a good loading time – you have from 3 to 5 seconds to interest the user. If your website takes longer to load (regardless of the type of device), it is very likely that the user will choose the offer of the competition, and you will lose a potential customer. On the other hand, a fast website allows you to collect more conversions. You can check the page load time in the PageSpeed Insights or gtMetrix tools. Follow the tips contained in them to improve the parameters of the page.

3. How to increase the conversion rate through the UX of the homepage?

Most of your visitors will come to your site through your homepage, so make sure it is usable and has a good user experience. Put the most important information on the home page that will arouse curiosity and attract the attention of users. Here are some elements to keep in mind when designing the homepage UX:

– Keep your messages short and simple.
– Place the most important information at the top of the page, visible above the fold line, without having to scroll.
– Add a link to the homepage on the company logo on all subpages.
– Add links to other subpages on the main page (e.g. product category pages, service pages).

4. How to increase the number of conversions by optimizing the UX of the product page?

Do you want to increase sales in the online store? Take care of the product page in terms of user experience. Proven ways in this regard include:

– adding information about shipping costs, returns and payment methods on the product page,
– placing clear product photos showing the product from different perspectives,
– a clear indication of different product variants (e.g. color variants, different sizes, etc.),
– informing customers about the stock of the product,
– adding product reviews,
– adding recommendations for related and similar products.

5. How to increase the number of conversions by optimizing the UX of landing pages?

Landing pages are a great way to increase conversions on your business website. If you want to improve your conversion rate, take care of the following:

– Consider adding video instead of content – with the help of a recording, you can communicate your unique sales proposition more effectively in an attractive way and reach modern, multimedia-oriented users.
– Add social proof of trust on landing pages – reviews of your services or products from real customers.
– Add a clear call to action.
– Avoid the main menu on landing pages to avoid distracting users.

6. How to increase conversion rate with content optimization?

How to increase the number of conversions? Use the power of content and take care of their User Experience and usability. Proven ways to do it:

– Taking care of adding white spaces between content elements (text, graphics, infographics).
– Improving the clarity of the content – the use of appropriate contrast, font size and color to make the content easy to read.
– Highlighting important fragments by using bolds and bullets, which will make it easier for recipients to scan the content.
– Using the language of benefits, thanks to which you will show the user what they will gain from your products or services.
– Investment in UX writing and taking care of the content of messages on the website and the content of microcopy.
– Avoiding long blocks of text and complex messages, as well as double negatives.

7. How to increase the conversion rate by optimizing the UX of the order process?

How to improve the conversion rate in an online store? Make sure to simplify the purchasing process. You can do this by following a few simple solutions such as:

– simplification of the ordering process to a maximum of three steps,
– the ability to make purchases as a guest, without the need to register,
– adding a bar – a timeline that shows the stage of order fulfillment at which the user is
– implementation of logging in using social media accounts,
– adding the option of creating an account in the store at the same time as the first order is processed,
– limiting the length of the forms – ask only for the data that is really necessary for the implementation process.

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8. How to increase conversions with multimedia elements?

An effective way to optimize User Experience and optimize conversion is the use of multimedia elements on the website. They can range from images, graphics and infographics to videos and animations. Remember, however, not to overfill the site with multimedia content – it may negatively affect the page loading time. Keep the balance and take care of the high quality of the materials. In terms of images:

– use files in JPG or JPEG format,
– for product photos, use contextual photos, on a white background and those that show the product from different perspectives,
– ensure that the photo can be enlarged and zoomed in so that the user can see the details.

9. How to optimize conversions and UX using mobile optimization?

Do you want to improve the UX of your website and increase the number of conversions at the same time? Don’t forget about mobile optimization. Thanks to it, you will adapt the look and functionality of the website to different devices and provide users with a good experience and impressions. How to improve site mobility?

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– Perform a test order on a mobile device, thanks to which you will identify and remove any errors in this regard.
– Use the Google Search Console tool – in the “Mobile support” report, you will find listed errors in mobility, such as too small page area, too small font, too small spacing between clickable elements.

A well-performing mobile site attracts more users and increases the chances of conversion because recipients can complete their order right away without having to switch devices.

10. How to optimize UX and increase conversions by improving navigation?

An important element of UX (user experience) that cannot be overlooked is the optimization of navigation and menu on the website. Imagine that a user enters your website, navigates around it and cannot find what he is looking for. Frustrating, right? Improper and not very intuitive navigation and menus are one of the reasons why your conversion rate is low. How to plan a good menu structure and navigation?

– Add breadcrumbs to make it easier for the user to understand where they are on the page.
– Think about what users might be looking for on your site, then add those product categories to the bestsellers section of your online store.
– Build the structure of the page so that it is possible to reach each point from the main page in a maximum of three clicks.
– Build the structure of the page in the form of an inverted pyramid, in which individual subpages depart from the main page.
– Remember about internal linking.
– Apply drop-down menu.

To enhance navigation, add an internal search engine as well as the ability to filter results. Add autocomplete and suggest results feature. Thanks to these solutions, users will find what they need faster, and perhaps they will be more willing to buy.

11. How to improve conversion rate and UX with contact details?

Internet users want to know who they are dealing with, so make sure that all subpages (preferably in the footer) and the “Contact” subpage include information about your company, such as:

– company name,
– the exact address (registered office) of the company,
– telephone number, e-mail address where a potential customer can contact you, – contact details of your representatives or contact persons.

Avoid contact subpages where the only element is a contact form without any information. Adding contact information increases the user’s trust in the brand and can result in a higher level of conversion.

12. How to increase conversions by improving website usability?

The usability of the website can also affect the level of conversion. How to improve it?

– Remove excessive ads.
– Take care of the optimization of Core Web Vitals, i.e. page speed elements that determine the loading time of elements on the page and visual stability.
– Avoid pop-ups that cover the entire page and are difficult to close.
– Check if all elements on the website (buttons, links) work properly. If not, fix them.
– Optimize 404 pages and limit their number. Removed content is best redirected to a different URL.

13. How to increase conversion by optimizing the UX of the shopping cart?

The number and conversion rate can also be influenced by the UX optimization of the shopping cart. A cart page that generates a positive experience can drive sales. How to take care of the shopping cart page in terms of UX and save abandoned carts?

– Add links to product URLs in your shopping cart.
– Put thumbnail photos of added products in the basket.
– Inform in the shopping cart about all costs.
– Provide the ability to edit the shopping cart – add and remove products.
– Put a summary of all products in the shopping cart.
– Add information about shipping costs, return costs and payment methods on the shopping cart page.
– Make sure to implement the ability to save the contents of the basket on the accounts of logged-in users, so that they can open them on different devices.

How to increase conversion through UX? Summary

The UX design of your website and each subpage is of key importance in the conversion process. Therefore, take care of User Experience on each of the sales pages. Good UX on landing pages, product pages and on the home page, supplemented with good navigation and effective content can result in increased sales and interest in your offer.

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