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How do you create content that sells?

The goal of internet marketing is not only to reach the users’ awareness, but most of all to build and develop sales. One of the ways to implement it is content marketing. However, not all content on the Internet is so effective that it generates conversions. Let’s check how to create content that actually sells and brings real profit.

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How to create effective content? 1. Define your content marketing goals

If you want to create effective content that sells, you need to know what goals you can pursue with content marketing. Selling is one of them, but not the only one. With content marketing you can also:

– build brand awareness and the position of an expert in the industry,
– educate users,
– provide users with the information they need,
– improve visibility in organic search results,
– increase website traffic,
– generate leads.

Before you start creating content, think about what goals you want to achieve with it.

How to create content in internet marketing? 2. Match the content types to your business goals

Defining goals is the first important step in building effective content. Based on your business goals, you can determine what content you will put the greatest emphasis in your content marketing strategy. If your goal is to convert and generate sales, you should first of all create extensive reports and summaries, as well as case studies. They show the effectiveness of your actions. An example of such activities in internet marketing are the success stories of agency clients. You certainly cannot do without a blog and educational content. They can not only translate directly into conversions, but also build and strengthen your image as an expert.

How to create profitable content? 3. Develop buyer persona

If you want to effectively increase sales with content, you need to know who you want to reach. Therefore, before you start creating your content, think about who your target audience is:

– what is his gender and how old he is,
– what are his interests,
– what is his level of income and education,
– what is his religious, national and cultural affiliation,
– what are his life or business priorities,
– what are his goals and motivations.

Thanks to this, you will better understand the needs of your recipients and you will be able to better respond to them by creating effective messages.

How to create content that convert? 4. Do your keyword research

Keyword research is one of the most important steps in the process of creating effective, profitable content. Why is it so important? Because including the right keywords in the content increases the chance that the content will reach the right people, i.e. those who are really interested in a given product, service or issue. How to find the right keywords in content marketing?

– Use the free Google Keyword Planner tool and enter a phrase that you find relevant.
– Check what other phrases the tool suggests.
– For your content marketing strategy, select phrases that have low to medium competition and a high monthly number of searches.
– Search for long tail phrases that increase the chances of conversion and reflect well the intentions of the users.
– Use phrases in your content in a natural way, so as not to hinder the recipient’s reading.
– Avoid saturating your content with key phrases.

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You can also use Senuto and Surfer to search for key phrases. In Surfer, you can analyze even the top10 of the competition in terms of the phrases used, the length of the content, the number of headlines, etc.

How do you create content that sells? 5. Find topics relevant to your visitors

Keywords are not everything. To create effective content that generates sales, you need to write about topics that really interest users. You can find them using Answer the Public. All you have to do is enter the phrase that interests you in the search engine, and on its basis the tool will indicate what questions users are asking related to it. In a similar way, you can use the Google search engine and the sections “Related Searches” and “Similar Questions”.

How do you create content that sells? 6. Choose quality, not quantity

The amount of content or the quality of content – this is the age-old question of the owners of websites and online stores. The answer is simple – the more valuable content there is on your website, the better for sales results, positioning and building your image on the web. How to create valuable content that converts?

– Check how a given issue is discussed in their content by competitors and try to create even better content.
– Put additional value in the content – download material, checklist, infographic.
– Complete the content with graphic materials.
– Include in the content all information that is useful for users – make it comprehensive.
– Create premium content for your subscribers.
– Make the content readable (headings, paragraphs, bullets).
– Create original and comprehensive content for download – guides, summaries, reports, e-books.

How to generate profit with content? 7. Create a blog

Blog content is one of the most effective types of content in terms of generating conversions and increasing revenues. With the help of a blog, you can support sales by:

– linking to the products you mention,
– presenting case studies confirming the effectiveness of your activities,
– creating unique valuable reports and summaries,
– strengthening the profile of incoming links.
– attracting valuable traffic to the website,
– building brand awareness and expert image.

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How to write converting content? 8. Take care of SEO

Without SEO, your content can disappear into the depths of the search engine, no matter how valuable it is. If you want to reach your audience with your content, invest in website SEO or store positioning. These processes include a number of steps to improve the visibility of the website as a whole and of individual pages in organic search results. With SEO, you can:

– increase website traffic,
– get valuable incoming links to your content,
– reach new audiences.

Also remember about technical optimization of the website in terms of content. Optimize the titles, descriptions and URLs of individual pages so that they inform Google crawlers and users about the content of the page.

How to create profit-generating content? 9. Track the effectiveness of your content

The mere creation of content is not enough. If your goal is to generate conversions, you need to find out if the content on the page is actually getting you closer to your goal and increasing your sales. To do this, track the performance of your content. What indicators are worth verifying?

conversion rate,
– the length of the sales cycle,
– number of new clients,
– assisted conversions,
– the impact of content on revenue and investment growth.

How to create profitable content? 10. Analyze the content of the competition

How do you create content that sells? Check out what works on other websites. Analyze your competition in terms of the generated content. Look:

– on which keywords the competition focuses its marketing activities,
– what types of content make up competing brands,
– what is the length of competing content,
– how the competition optimizes the content in terms of users’ expectations.

How to create content that generates conversions? 11. Follow the trends in social media

Social media trends are one of the good thematic tips for content creators. if a topic is popular on social media, you can use it to create content, for example for a blog. How do I track trends in social media? Use tools such as BuzzSumo for this.

How do you create content that sells? 12. Remember to update your content

How do I create content that generates conversions? Make sure it is up to date. You can do this by regularly updating and optimizing existing content on your blog or website. This way you save resources as you don’t have to create new content. How to update and optimize?

– Check to see if there are any new keywords to optimize your content for.
– See if there is any new information to add to the post.
– Think about how to make the content visually more attractive (add an infographic, movie, etc.).
– Add links to new content (e.g. new blog entries) to your content.
– Expand your content – you can combine several posts into one larger one to collect more valuable traffic.

How to write content that converts? 13. Create evergreen content

How to create content in internet marketing to sell? Create evergreen content. It is content that does not lose its relevance over time. These are usually universal topics that are popular at all times and regardless of changing social conditions. With their help, you can reach users for a very long time. Evergreen content is for example:

– blog entries (How to take care of sensitive skin, how to prepare a car for winter, etc.),
– statements and reports that can be updated every year (e.g. product lists),
– reviews,
– case studies,
– guides and checklists.

How to create effective content? 14. Use emotions to encourage action

How to create content that sells? Use emotions to motivate recipients to specific actions and influence their imagination. For this, try to empathize with the recipient and think about what may be important to him. Take advantage of your willingness to educate and improve yourself (through the phrases “X things you don’t know and should, X mistakes you must avoid). To stimulate your imagination, bet on numbers such as “How did we increase the conversion by 100% in 6 months?”.

How to create content that convert? 15. Use storytelling

Effective content marketing is based, among others, on on storytelling. It is the creative art of storytelling that can encourage users to convert and act. You can use it in product descriptions, product category descriptions and blog content.

How to create profitable content? 16. Take care of the content of your headlines

Not every recipient will read A to Z content. On the Internet, many people scan the text with their eyesight. If you want content to actually translate into real profits, you need to make it easier for them. Therefore, make sure that your headlines are catchy. Use key phrases in them, but also tell the reader what he will find in the fragment. This way, the user, even by the content of the headers themselves, will get an idea of what he can find on the page. You can also create a table of contents from the headings and place it below the introduction (lead).

How to create convertible content? 17. Take care of User Experience

Profits from creating content are influenced not only by the content of the page, but also by its performance. Therefore, in the process of creating content, you must take care of User Experience. For this purpose:

– make the content readable,
– improve the contrast and colors on the page so that the content is easy to read,
– make sure there are white spaces on the website that separate individual fragments of content,
– improve website speed with PageSpeed Insights or GTmetrix,
– check if the website works properly on mobile devices (in the Google Search Console tool),
– check if all internal and outgoing links work,
– improve site navigation.

How to create sales content? 18. Avoid pop-up windows

How to create content that supports online marketing sales? Avoid distracting the user. Therefore, eliminate pop-up ads on your pages that cannot be closed and obscure the entire content of the page. They can lead to a quick closure of the page by the user and reduce the trust in your brand. The only effective pop-up format is the one that appears the moment the user wants to leave the page. With their help, you can increase conversion and offer the user an additional bonus, for example in exchange for subscribing to the newsletter.

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How to create content that sells? Summary

Even seemingly small changes in your content marketing strategy can positively affect the profits generated by your company. Therefore, use our tips and improve the content in terms of SEO and SXO, make sure that they are regularly updated and adapted to the needs of users.

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