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How to cleverly get strong links in SEO? 7 effective solutions

One of the most important Google ranking factors is external linking, so it is important to develop an effective link acquisition strategy. Remember, however, that Google pays attention not only to the number of acquired links, but also to their source and strength. Backlinks from trusted, popular sources are treated by the algorithm as strong positioning links and will provide you with great results. How to get them in a smart way? You will learn about it in our article.

Why are strong positioning links important in your strategy?

Google does not present a ready-made strategy, the implementation of which will guarantee you high positions in search results, which is why SEO specialists spend a lot of time researching the best solutions. One of the studies conducted by Paraphrase.Online talks about the importance of off-site SEO activities in the website positioning strategy. Unfortunately, many people focus only on on-site activities, which is a big mistake. Research results clearly show that:

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– The first results on Google have an average of 3.8 times more backlinks than sites ranked #2 and below.
– The number of domains that link to the site is related to the rankings.
– The authority of the linking website is strongly related to achieving high positions in Google search results.

What is link baiting and how will it help you get strong links in SEO?

Acquiring links is not the easiest task, not only because it takes time and cunning to acquire such links, but also because of the high competition in the industry. To make this process easier, it is worth using link baiting, which in literal translation will mean link bait. In fact, this means creating content that is strictly designed to attract backlinks. Your goal is to create such interesting, valuable (sometimes also controversial) content that bloggers, journalists, people from the industry will willingly link to it.

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Why is getting SEO links with link baiting a good solution? Your main effort will be to create engaging content, just getting links will not be your responsibility. Link baiting will ensure that you get a large number of links from strong, well-known sites, which in turn will help you rank higher in Google results and increase organic traffic to your website.

This strategy is also confirmed by the Google guide on link schemes for webmasters:

“The best way to make high-quality links to your site appear on other sites is to put valuable and unique content on it that has a chance to quickly gain popularity in the online community. It pays to create good content: links are usually deliberately placed information about someone’s preferences, so the more useful your content is, the better the chances are that someone else will find it valuable to their readers and link to it.”

How to get strong links to the site?

Below are some proven, effective practices that will help you get SEO links and encourage your audience to share your content.

Get links with useful content

Understanding the needs of your target group is one of the most important tasks. Thanks to such knowledge, you can easily provide them with practical content that they will not only be happy to use, but also share it with others. Many marketers choose to publish templates, checklists, guides, tools and calculators. For example, one construction company decided to make a free home construction cost calculator available on its website, which is the perfect answer to the needs of its target group.

In the Ahrefs tool, we can see that this solution has brought the company a large number of external links. The total number of links from other sites to the calculator page is 845.

Create exciting content to gain links

In news portals, all messages are filtered for relevance and emotionality, because it is emotions that make it easier for people to remember something. There are many emotions you can try to use in your content – anger, sadness, disgust, excitement, joy. A great example here is the situation of a blogger who, under the influence of anger, published an entry on his blog in which he emotionally criticized the quality of puddings produced by a certain company. The topic sounds trivial, right? However, his entry caused so much emotion that his entry caused a number of discussions in the blogosphere, as well as on news portals.

Visually attractive content will allow you to get links

Content that is visually interesting is shared more often. Such messages are attractive, among other things, because they are easier to absorb, do not require much involvement when receiving and attract the eye. That is why it is worth choosing content formats such as video, infographics, graphics. Also remember to make sure that the articles are presented in an interesting way – take care of headings, bullet points, bold content, enriching with graphics, etc.

Get links by talking about current topics

A great way to gain positioning links is to publish content that deals with current topics. A great example is the topic of a pandemic, which has been very popular and eagerly read by Internet users for a long time. Predictions for a given year, presentation of trends in the industry or discussion of a selected problem that is currently “on the tongue” click just as well. To find out what topics are currently discussed more often, you can use the Google Trends tool. It will allow you to verify what is currently trending, as well as indicate interest in the selected topic over time and present related topics.

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Write about what is already being shared to make it easier to get links

There is a lot of content that enjoys unflagging interest and is worth using in your strategy. To find ideas for interesting content that will give you strong SEO links, you can use, for example, the Ubersuggest tool. It is a paid tool, but you can use the seven-day free trial or take advantage of the available three free searches per day. Ubersuggest has a Content Ideas feature that shows you interesting examples of existing articles based on a selected phrase. For each of the topics, you also have information about the number of incoming links to the selected page, as well as social media shares.

Get links by writing about other companies/people

This strategy is known in internet marketing as ego baiting. It consists in publishing positive information about a selected person or brand on their channels, so that they decide to share it on their own free will. Such content will be particularly willingly passed on by the above-mentioned brands, because it proves that it is worth trusting in an objective assessment. Ego baiting is most often used in social media and blog articles. You can refer to one selected person/company or make a comparison in which you will appreciate several brands and companies. Ego baiting is a good solution because it gives you a very good chance of getting a strong link coming from a trusted, popular website.

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Catchy headlines help you get links

In 2019, our Paraphrase.Online team spent time analyzing over 5 million search results to determine which titles are most frequently visited by web users. In their study, they focused on the analysis of the first ten search results and their CTR indicators. We found that titles that evoke emotions get more clicks. In the same study, question titles were found to be more popular – they had a 14.1% higher click-through rate compared to other titles.

How to get strong links in SEO? 7 effective solutions. Summary

Strong positioning links can significantly affect your position in search results, which is why it is so important to acquire them. Often the key to getting them is to be clever, you don’t always have to spend your time looking for places on the web where you can leave an incoming link to your site.

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