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Is it worth investing in SXO? Ways to measure the effectiveness of the campaign

Are you considering implementing SXO to your company’s marketing strategy? It is worth finding out if Search Experience Optimization is really as satisfying as you would expect. Find out in our article! We also write about how to analyze the results of an SXO campaign.

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What is SXO?

Before we start discussing campaign effectiveness, it’s worth going back to the basics and considering what SXO is. Unfortunately, it still happens that in the marketing community the concept of SXO is confused with UX or with SEO itself, and decisively cannot be considered synonymous with the concept.

Search Experience Optimization, known by the acronym SXO, is recognized as one of the most effective strategies in internet marketing. This position is undoubtedly due to the wide look at the website, e-commerce business and their development.

Then what is SXO? It is a combination of two effective marketing strategies – SEO and UX. SXO activities are designed to improve the visibility of a website on the web by focusing on optimizing the user experience and website SEO.

Why is SXO such a valued strategy? It is a solution that not only meets the expectations of the recipients, but above all helps to meet the requirements set by Google. Currently, one of the priority goals of Google is to enable web users to find the information they are looking for as quickly as possible. Google wants the user not to have to return to the search results, check subsequent pages, enter synonyms – the answer to his question should be found after the first click. The SXO strategy helps to achieve this effect as it focuses on building a positive user experience as well as providing comprehensive information on a specific topic.

Is investing in SXO profitable?

Are you looking for the right marketing strategy for your business and don’t know if SXO is the right choice? We fully understand that the amount of marketing strategies and recommended solutions available can overwhelm you. The choice of the way of operating in the network should be based primarily on the analysis of your own business goals. If you know what you want to achieve, it will be easier for you to decide if a particular marketing strategy is right for you. Due to the fact that SXO covers a wide range of activities, it can help you achieve many popular business goals. Below we present the most important advantages of implementing Search Experience Optimization on your website.

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SXO and increasing the level of conversion

Did you know that statistically almost 70% of users abandon the shopping cart after adding products to it? By taking care of the website optimization in accordance with the SXO rules, you can effectively lower this result on your website. Customers are more likely to convert to a page that provides them with a positive experience. Not only the price and offer are important, but also whether the website is user-friendly. Among other things, users pay attention to whether the site has the following conditions:

– Good site navigation,
– Transparent site layout,
– Understandable, accurate description of the offer,
– Attractive, persuasive CTA,
– Simple transaction process,
– A well-functioning search function on the website,
– High level of data protection.

Of course, the positive reception of the website is significantly influenced by factors, but the above are among the most frequently taken into account. By taking care of these aspects, you can expect an increase in conversion. Also remember that a satisfied customer will be more likely to come back to your website and recommend it to others.

SXO and increasing the visibility of the website on the web

By combining the strongest UX and SEO sites, the SXO strategy allows you to achieve even better results in website positioning. Why? Google favors pages that are committed to a positive user experience. Therefore, if you run an SEO campaign but don’t care about UX, your results are unlikely to be spectacular. To assess which pages should be in the TOP10 of search results, Google no longer only analyzes the use of keywords on the page and its technical optimization, but also the duration of the user’s stay on the page, the user’s travel success, behavior in web navigation and patterns. The more user-friendly your website is, the better SEO results will be for you.

SXO and ROI level improvement

A well-implemented SXO strategy helps not only to increase your conversion rate, but also to increase your overall return on investment. ROI will help you effectively manage the company’s finances and achieve satisfactory results. This is proven by the 2016 report “The Six Steps For Justifying Better UX”, according to which every dollar invested in designing experiences on the website returns as much as one hundred dollars.

SXO and reducing the cost of marketing activities

Building a website is not the easiest task – but if you focus on building it for SXO from the beginning, you can save yourself a lot of expenses. The Search Experience Optimization strategy is based on a detailed analysis of the market and recipients, which makes the design process very effective. Why is SXO research so important? Properly done, they will show you how to achieve the full potential of your product. By knowing what your competitors are doing and what your audience is expecting, you will not only create a great website, but you will be able to create much more effective online ads later on. Remember that if you take into account the results of the SXO audit from the very beginning, you will minimize the risk of poorly spent money on advertising.

SXO and making your website stand out from the competition

The e-commerce market is growing in strength almost every day. What to do to stand out from the competition? Without a doubt, the SXO strategy and detailed audit will help you in this. Define the needs and problems of your audience, analyze the mistakes of the competition, and then your niche, and divine your idea. There are probably many companies that offer a similar offer to yours, but success consists in properly analyzing your potential, opportunities and threats, and then correctly drawing conclusions and implementing them.

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How to analyze the results of an SXO campaign?

You already know what SXO is and what effects it can bring you, so now we will focus on how to measure the effects of the campaign. Remember that you do not have to perform such analyzes manually – you will find a number of useful tools on the web that will make it easier for you.

Testing the visibility of the website on the web

One of the goals of SXO implementation is to improve the visibility of the website on the web. To check whether your actions are effective, you can use, for example, the Senuto tool. There you will get information on how many phrases your website is visible in TOP3, TOP10, as well as in TOP50 organic search results.

Conversion level test

You can also easily measure whether your marketing strategy has a positive impact on increasing your conversion rate. Remember that your conversion does not have to be the sale of the product, as well, as a conversion for your online store, you can set up newsletter subscriptions, subscriptions, post likes, requests for a service quote, etc. If your number of conversions increases, it means that SXO activities bring the expected effects. To measure the conversion results, you can use the Google Analytics tool. There you will get information not only about whether users decide to convert, but also check, among other things, which pages of the strong support such behavior, what was the user’s path. Proper analysis of the results obtained there will allow you to understand the target group even better and optimize your SXO strategy.

Examination of the average session duration

Whether users perceive your website as friendly is demonstrated by, among other things, how long they spend on it. If they leave it quickly, it means that they have not been able to find the information they are looking for. If they spend a lot of time on your website, it means that there is something that interests them (content, offer). To check the average session duration, you can go to the Google Analytics panel in Behavior> Site Content> All Pages.

Research on the number of users leaving the site

When analyzing the results of an SXO campaign, it is also important to verify how the percentage of people leaves your site. However, remember not to immediately evaluate the negative fact that the user leaves the site. Analyze the obtained results in depth, as he could have left the website only after conversion. To find out what the percentage of people leaving your site is, you need to use Google Analytics again. In the panel, go to the Behaviors section, then Site Contents> Exit Pages. There you will find data on the number of entries and the percentage of exits.

User engagement research on the website

If, in accordance with good SXO practices, you navigate correctly on the site and ensure effective internal linking, you can expect increased user engagement on the site. How to check if your actions actually brought such effects? The engagement rate is an indicator that you can check in Google Analytics. It determines the level of occurrence of engaged sessions, i.e. those during which the user spent at least 10 seconds on the website or displayed at least 2 screens or made a conversion.

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Is it worth investing in SXO? Ways to measure the effectiveness of the campaign. Summary

Search Experience Optimization is currently one of the most effective advertising strategies for e-commerce. Do you want to increase your visibility on the web, increase your conversion rate and make your business remembered positively? It is worth trying to implement this strategy in your company.

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