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How to increase website traffic using content marketing? 14 non-standard solutions

Do you actively conduct promotional activities and your website is still visited by few people? Content marketing can help you increase traffic on your website. However, you need to know how to create content for it to bring real results. Check out our tips on this topic.

Content marketing – what is it?

At the beginning, it is worth answering the question of what content marketing is. It is a marketing strategy based on the use of various types of content. The purpose of using content marketing is primarily to use content to arouse the interest of potential recipients, as well as to arouse trust, build relationships, provide benefits in the form of knowledge / advice. When you manage to attract users (brand, product, offer, etc.), you can try to arouse their need for ownership. Remember that you can use various forms of content in content marketing, for example:
Blog entries,
– Posts in social media,
– Videos on Youtube,
– Podcasts,
– Webinars,
– Infographics.

What’s more, content diversification in content marketing is highly recommended because it allows you to reach recipients who prefer different content formats, and thus increase website traffic.

How to increase website traffic by using “X or Y” articles?

A great way to increase traffic to your website and convince potential customers to convert is to prepare articles that will compare the top products in your offer. Why is it worth using it? First of all, this type of information is sought by recipients at one of the last stages of the purchasing process – they are determined to buy, but they are looking for information and advice on which product to choose. Moreover, phrases like “X or Y” usually do not have high competition, so it will be easier to position this phrase to high positions in the search results.

How to increase website traffic by writing articles on gaining popularity topics?

Evergreen content is a good way to reach many recipients because they enjoy unflagging interest. However, their popularity is also associated with the high competitiveness of phrases, so reaching high positions in Google with such an article may take you a long time. Instead, you can write articles on topics that are gaining popularity right now. This way it will be easier for you to reach a large audience at a lower cost. Therefore, instead of the article “Which iPhone to choose”, you can create a blog entry with a review of the latest iPhone model. To see what content is gaining popularity, you can use the Google Trends tool, for example.

How to increase website traffic by writing longer headlines?

According to research conducted by Paraphrase.Online, longer headlines in the content are strongly correlated with more frequent sharing of content on social media. Among the articles analyzed by BuzzSumo, the most shares were shared by those whose headers were from 14 to 17 words and about 80-100 characters. According to their analysis, such content gained 76% more hits than short headlines (1-5 words and 0-25 characters).

How To Increase Website Traffic Using Emotional Headlines?

A study by Backlinko found that titles that evoke emotions get more clicks. In their study, they analyzed the top ten search results and the CTR index. Interestingly, the same study found that headlines using the so-called power words have fewer clicks. For example, words of power include “Free”, “Check”, “New”, “Imagine”, “Revolutionary”, etc. Try to influence the emotions of your audience with appropriate phrasing, but do not associate it with the words of power – this way more people will click in your article.

How to increase website traffic by placing phrases in the url?

Content optimization for SEO is not only about placing keywords in the text, but also many other elements. Keyword-rich URLs are great for SEO and, it turns out, can increase your organic click-through rate by up to 45% , according to research by Backlinko.

How to increase website traffic by using dynamic video montage?

Remember that content marketing is not only articles and blog entries, but also video, audio and graphic materials. Video is more and more appreciated by users – you can use such content to better present your offer and company. However, remember to take care of the high quality of your recordings – the recipients pay more and more attention not only to what is presented on the recording, but also how. Videos that have more cuts and are more dynamic keep the user’s attention for longer.

How to increase website traffic using buttons with redirects?

Buttons are easy and at the same time very effective ways to attract recipients to the chosen place. A lot of people use them on their website to direct users to brand profiles on social media. However, it is also a good idea to put buttons in your newsletter and e-mail footer . Of course, the buttons do not have to be directed only to social profiles, but also directly to the website. Thus, you can effectively increase your website traffic.

How to increase website traffic through engaging social media posts?

Creating interesting, engaging content is just one of the steps to go through in content marketing. You cannot forget about the role of content distribution, which will make the prepared content reach more people. If you prepare a post, do not add a link on social media with the simple information that a new entry has appeared on your blog. Try to make your posts engaging and conveying some value. You can add a fragment of a prepared article to the content or write down what the reader can learn from a given entry. A good solution is also to present the genesis of the text – what thoughts, news from the industry or statistical data inspired its creation.

How to increase website traffic by using brand-related phrases?

If you optimize your content for SEO, do not focus only on using product phrases, but also brand phrases. Why is it so useful? First of all, such phrases do not usually have high competition, so it will be easier for you to achieve the relevant positions in the search results. What’s more, branded phrases are often used by users who are in the last stages of the purchasing process, thanks to which you can simultaneously increase website traffic and increase conversion rate results.

How to increase website traffic with a convincing meta description?

Meta description does not help Google’s algorithms understand what is on the website, but it can effectively convince the recipient to visit your website. If you are not preparing a meta description, it will be automatically taken from the prepared article. The effect may turn out to be illogical or just plain uninviting. Create a meta description yourself and try to convey a specific value for the recipient, a promise to expand knowledge, etc.

How to increase website traffic by using content recycling?

Although blog articles are one of the easiest ways to prepare content, we should not limit ourselves to just one type. Well-implemented content marketing should use various types of content, including videos, voice recordings, graphics. However, if you do not have the time and resources to create so many different types of content, you can effectively use content recycling. It is about reusing the content you already have prepared. This way, on the basis of an existing blog entry, you can prepare a podcast episode, webinar, social media post, infographic, etc. Thanks to this, you will reach an audience who prefer different content and increase traffic on the site with little effort.

How to increase traffic by adapting content to mobile devices?

Network users are increasingly using mobile devices because it is a much more convenient solution for them. By not adapting your website to the requirements of the Mobile-First Index, you mean that fewer people will use your website. Also pay attention to this in content marketing. For example, check how your blog entry is displayed on mobile devices – whether the website is responsive, whether the photos added to the article display correctly, whether the font is legible, etc.

How to increase website traffic by creating longer content?

Until recently, internet marketing was dominated by short recordings, posts and blog entries. The more condensed the content – the greater the chance of the audience’s interest in it. Currently, stronger and stronger changes in this area can be noticed – users are looking for content that exhausts the topic, providing a comprehensive answer to their inquiries. Short content will attract the brand’s interest, while longer content will attract customers who are really interested in your offer and prepared content. Perhaps longer content will reach a niche audience, but they will be more likely to show commitment – they will read more articles and are more likely to convert.

How To Increase Website Traffic By Linkbaiting?

Linkbaiting is a great and very effective way to increase traffic to your website, but it also requires a lot of work and time. It is a method that consists in developing interesting and engaging content that users would especially like to share with others – it can be interviews, research results, rankings, etc. people, brands – then they will be more willing to share information about the content you have prepared. Such effective content distribution has a significant impact on website traffic.

How to increase website traffic using content marketing? 14 non-standard solutions. Summary

Content marketing is a king – this is a frequently repeated phrase in conversations about an effective internet marketing strategy. It is difficult to disagree with it, but the creation of content marketing content should be based on the changing trends and be able to adapt them to the needs of users. Sometimes it is necessary to use non-standard solutions to obtain satisfactory results. If your content marketing activities do not bring satisfactory results and you want to increase traffic on your website, try one of the methods described by us.

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