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What is digital marketing?

Traditional marketing and digital marketing have interpenetrated so far, but now digital marketing is gaining more and more advantage, which was additionally accelerated by the global coronavirus pandemic. What exactly is digital marketing, otherwise known as online marketing or internet marketing, what activities does it include and why is it worth investing in?

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is advertising through digital channels, primarily the Internet. The scope of digital marketing includes the following activities:
– positioning, i.e. advertising in organic (organic Google search results),
– Google Ads campaigns, i.e. advertising in paid Google search results,
– e-mail marketing, i.e. advertising in Social Media – paid and free,
– advertising via e-mail,
– advertising via mobile applications.

Why is it worth investing in digital marketing?

Advertising on the Internet has become the proverbial lever of trade – if you do not have your online website, social media channels, you practically do not exist for the client. However, this is not the only reason to invest in internet marketing. Why is it worth to bet on digital marketing? Because:
– it gives the possibility of precise measurement of the effects, which we wrote about in more detail in the article on KPI in internet marketing,
– enables easy personalization of activities,
– gives the possibility of scaling,
– allows you to target the advertisement to users interested in the offer (this is a significant advantage of digital marketing over traditional marketing, in which the advertisement also reaches people who are not interested),
– requires less money – digital marketing is cheaper than traditional – some activities can be undertaken without any financial outlays – for example, writing content for a blog or running a company profile on Facebook and Instagram.

Digital marketing resources

What resources can you obtain to achieve results in digital marketing? These are:
– your website or online store,
– YT channel,
– photos and graphics,
– social media profiles,
– opinions (in the Google My Business listing, on the website or in the store).

Discover the most important elements of digital marketing

Digital marketing is not the only activity, but a complex of many different activities that you can take to attract new customers and build popularity on the Internet.

Positioning – the basis of digital marketing strategies

Positioning (SEO – Search Engine Optimization) is one of the pillars of digital marketing. It involves taking steps to obtain the highest possible position in organic (organic) search results for key phrases. If you want to invest in SEO, remember about:
– selection of key phrases related to your offer,
– creating content containing key phrases and interesting and useful for the user,
– technical optimization of the website, including optimization of URLs, meta tags, page speed, implementation of redirects,
– building a profile of incoming links, thanks to which your website gains value in the eyes of Google robots.

Positioning takes time, but brings measurable and long-term effects in the form of increased website visibility for key phrases, increased traffic and conversions. What’s more, over time, you are able to acquire more customers without increasing your SEO budget.

Content in digital marketing

Content is King – this term is forever alive, and content actually forms the basis of digital marketing. Thanks to them you can:
– put important keywords on your website,
– build an image of an expert in the industry,
– acquire new customers,
– increase website traffic, for example by running a blog,
– you will expand the structure of internal links.

What content is worth investing in? Descriptions of products and product categories as well as blog articles are important. Remember that the content you create should be original and useful for the user. Take care of their high quality and you can be sure that content marketing will positively affect your digital marketing activities.

Google Ads campaigns – an effective digital marketing strategy

Another element of digital marketing (internet marketing) are Google Ads campaigns. This is a paid ad on Google search, where you pay not for displaying it, but for clicking it. With Google Ads campaigns, you can be at the top of Google search results and build visibility and attract new customers almost immediately. Digital marketing in Google Ads also includes advertising on the search network – on partner sites, YouTube, Gmail or remarketing. The advertisement can be text, graphic or video.

What are the benefits of Google Ads advertising? Digital marketing through it gives immediate results and the possibility of flexible management of advertisements. It will work well for product advertisements during the upcoming holidays. The best solution is to combine positioning and Google Ads, because this way your website or store can be placed in as many as three places on the first page of search results (organic results, paid results, product advertising). Find out what to choose: wide positioning or Google Ads?

Digital Marketing: Social Media

A great way for effective digital marketing in a low budget are also activities in social media. Facebook, Instagram and even Pinterest are channels that you can use to build your position. How?
– Maintain company profiles on Facebook and Instagram.
– Create a Facebook group bringing together your customers or blog readers.
– Create interesting InstaStories (e.g. show ways to use products, create live broadcasts, polls and give followers the opportunity to ask questions in a Q&A session)
– Invest in Paid Facebook Ads.
– Contribute on LinkedIn.
– Share cool ideas on the Pinterest platform.

Conversion optimization – how to increase income in digital marketing?

One of the elements of digital marketing is also conversion optimization. Its goal is to increase the desired user behavior, for example:
– sale,
– adding a product to the basket,
– filling in the contact form,
– e-book download,
– subscribing to the newsletter.

If you don’t optimize your digital marketing conversions, you may be losing leads. What should be done to optimize your online marketing conversion rate? Primarily:
– simplifying the structure of the website in such a way that the performance of the action is contained in a maximum of 3 steps,
– offering the widest possible catalog of delivery and payment methods,
– implementing the possibility of searching and filtering products,
– a wide range and extensive product presentation (rich in descriptions, photos and even video materials).

Digital marketing – effective advertising of the 21st century

Digital marketing, otherwise known as internet or digital marketing, is an effective form of advertising that responds to the needs of modern customers. Due to significantly lower costs and greater availability, digital marketing has gained an advantage over traditional marketing. Thanks to online marketing activities, you can attract new customers, increase sales in your store (online or stationary, and build an image of an expert in your industry).

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