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What is Internet Marketing?

It’s time to disenchant another industry term, so often used by marketers and people associated with online advertising. I am talking about internet marketing, also known as e-marketing or online marketing. It is a very broad term that includes a number of different activities supporting online promotion and sales. Effective internet marketing is based on diversifying the channels of reaching. The most common uses for this are:
– online search engines,
– social media,
– internet mail,
– information portals,
– mobile applications.

Check what internet marketing is and what activities fall under its definition.

What is Internet Marketing? Definition of e-marketing

The general definition of internet marketing is: all sales and promotional activities conducted in the Internet space. E-marketing activities may refer to product, service and brand promotion. Contemporary online marketing is also more and more often used to build an online image or business communication.

The opposite of e-marketing is traditional marketing, which aims to promote business outside the Internet space (billboards, posters, leaflets, fairs). With the spread of the internet, more and more advertisers were switching some of their activities online. Business owners started to set up company websites and fan pages, which over time was associated with the need to undertake promotional activities. In order to stand out from the competition and be in the TOP 10 of Google, for example, you need to invest in internet marketing. It is worth combining activities on several channels at the same time. Combining social e-marketing with search engine marketing will bring much better and faster results than a single action.

Types of internet marketing – contemporary forms of sales and image building

Before you implement e-marketing in your company, define the goal and budget of your activities. This information will allow you to choose the right type of internet marketing. The most popular and effective forms are:

Positioning and optimization of websites
It is a series of activities aimed at increasing the website’s visibility in the Google search engine. The key is to implement optimization recommendations that are consistent with the preferences of the search engine’s algorithms. Thanks to linguistic profiling, the website is displayed on Google for specific phrases (such as related to the offer). Positioning elements are also:
– internal linking,
– external linking,
SEO Copywriting.

Effective website positioning should not only be based on increasing website traffic, but also increasing sales. For this reason, the next step in SEO activities should be conversion optimization.

PPC campaigns (Google Ads and Facebook Ads)
This type of advertising campaign is very popular both in Google (Google Ads) and in social media (e.g. Facebook Ads). These campaigns are characterized by pay per click, not per impressions. So, the payment is only charged when the user clicks on the link or banner. The essence of a well-set PPC campaign is the selection of appropriate keywords in the case of Google Ads on the search network, as well as accurate targeting of the audience in other types of campaigns.

Content marketing
Content marketing, also known as content marketing, is a very complex type of internet marketing. These are all activities consisting in the production and distribution of valuable content through various channels available on the network. Such content may be, for example:
– blog articles,
 – social media posts,
– video materials,
– infographics and graphics,
– e-books,
 – sponsored articles.

This type of e-marketing allows not only to attract new customers, but also to increase brand awareness, create an image of an expert on the web and educate customers.

Email Marketing
We use e-mail almost every day. So it’s no surprise that it’s a great place to remind you of your brand and get sales. E-mail marketing will prove useful in maintaining relationships with users who have used your services before. Thanks to e-mail newsletters, we can inform you about current promotions, sales, and give the customer a discount for subsequent online purchases. This type of internet marketing gives you an edge over others thanks to the ability to personalize your content. Besides, it is one of the cheaper forms of promotion on the Internet.

Social Marketing
Social media marketing is the use of social media to drive traffic to your website. The most popular channels in this regard are:
– Facebook,
– LinkedIn,
– Instagram,
– Youtube,
 – Twitter and many more.

It’s free to create an account and publish your posts. However, it is worth investing in a well-chosen strategy of activities, as well as sponsored posts that will allow you to reach a wider audience. It is not always necessary to conduct intensive social activities on each of the above channels. It is worth considering who our potential customers are, what they do on a daily basis and choose the social media that best suits their preferences. A company profile in social media can be a valuable source of opinions about the company for customers, as well as information on what hours it is open, where it is located and who works there.

Video marketing
For years, video content has been considered the most engaging and attractive to the user, and the most popular channel for reaching video content is, of course, YouTube. We can set up our own channel here and share videos of various formats and duration. Youtube will also work as an advertising tool, thanks to the wide range of paid campaigns. It is worth thinking about various video forms that can be used not only on Youtube, but also on Facebook or Instagram:
– live coverage,
– webinars,
– video tutorials,
– advertising spots.

When recording video materials, it is worth ensuring good image and sound quality.

Other Variations of Internet Marketing
 There are many more types of internet marketing. Above we have discussed the most popular and practiced by ourselves. It is also worth mentioning:
– affiliate marketing,
– word of mouth marketing,
– viral marketing,
– influencer marketing.

Advantages of Internet Marketing – Why is e-marketing profitable?

Since we already know what internet marketing is and we know all its varieties, it is worth considering the benefits of implementing it in your company. Here they are:
1. Measurability – the effects of the actions taken can be measured using analytical tools,
2. Cost optimization – if for some reason the campaign did not bring satisfactory results, the budget can be transferred to another channel at any time,
3. Speed – in most types of internet marketing, the effects are noticeable almost immediately. It is different with positioning – it is a long-term action and it takes more time,
4. Automation – thanks to the implementation of appropriate tools, a campaign that has been set up can be replicated cyclically, without the need to create it from scratch, while ongoing supervision over effectiveness and possible optimization are always needed,
5. Targeting recipients – Internet marketing gives the opportunity to reach specific groups of recipients. The selection of keywords, location, age and interests will narrow the group of potential customers as much as possible,
6. Wide coverage – the Internet has no limits. Internet marketing activities can reach even millions of ranges,
7. Interaction – Internet marketing is based on dialogue, not a monologue. Thanks to this, we know how the recipients react to our content, what they like and what they don’t. However, it should be remembered that interactivity may also be associated with criticism and even hate,
8. Creating a positive image of the company and increasing awareness of the brand / products.

Internet Marketing – How To Start? Choosing an agency

There is no industry in which e-marketing cannot be used. Certainly, your business also needs online promotion, whether you run a local DIY store, an online boutique for women or an international shipping company. Competition affects everyone. To win with it, internet marketing will help.

If your company does not yet have its own marketing department, and you would like to implement any of the above activities, it is worth trusting proven agencies that have been operating on the market for years and help other companies increase their visibility and sales online.

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