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How to get valuable links?

Link-building will improve your website’s position in organic search results. It will additionally increase the traffic on the website, and thus, will enable the acquisition of regular and determined customers. We should also remember that Google algorithms appreciate different methods and sources of obtaining links (also in terms of their form), because they look more natural for search engine robots. Let’s move on to the specifics – how, where and where to link the website in 2022?

How to get valuable links? – content marketing in practice!

First of all, we will discuss the field of content marketing, which includes, among others exchange of guest entries, publication of articles on industry portals and development of viral content on the blog. The table below presents the aspects enabling natural link building activities with the attention to the high power of links.

1. Exchange of guest entries
We exchange guest posts with each other, increasing the profile of outgoing links, thus strengthening our own authority among readers.

2. Publication of articles on industry portals (editorial cooperation)
We establish permanent editorial cooperation with the selected industry portal and share our knowledge there, creating expert content. In return, we get free content with a link to each other.

3. Use of paid worldwide portals
We develop an industry article with a dofollow link for a specified number of characters, contact a specific portal, and then determine convenient conditions for placing such an entry. Remember to pay attention to 3 important elements before the final decision regarding cooperation with a given website. These include:

– portal coverage and specialization (the monthly number of visits is important, but it is worth the main determinant to be primarily the topic of the portal reflecting the preferences of your customers);
target group (sponsored articles from the roof accessories industry should be placed on nationwide roofing websites, etc.)
– relevance of the topic to the expectations of readers (the topic should be of interest to Internet users and be addressed to a specific audience).

Using paid worldwide portals is a way to build a credible external link profile. In this case, it is enough to go to, for example, Whitepress, select the industry, define your price range and search for a place with an interesting range or subject.

Worth remembering!
Worldwide portals offer customers dozens of tabs from various industries, which makes them less reliable than websites dedicated to one field.

4. Creating viral content on the blog
Creating viral content (e.g. funny, moving) is another method for effective and natural link-building. It is enough for you and your team to develop content that arouses great interest in a specific environment and you will publish it regularly on the blog.

This will result in the effective form of numerous sharing of individual content (e.g. on blogs of other Internet users). Similarly, you will acquire dozens, hundreds or even thousands of outbound links that will improve the position of your website in SERPs.

5. Providing statements for articles from the trade press
Are you a specialist in a given field? – comment online on your favorite topic (our favorite topic is free text paraphrase), and then ask for your expert link. You will then gain an additional link that strengthens the SEO of your website, and additionally you will emphasize your own authority and start to gain more trust among Internet users.

Self-Obtaining Links – 7 Effective Methods

We can obtain links in various ways – by exchanging guest entries, publishing articles on industry portals, and even creating viral blog content. However, it is worth learning how to link the page yourself. Below are 7 effective link building methods that you can implement in your company’s SEO strategy without the help of others!

1. Comments on forums / portals / blogs
A user building a credible profile of outbound links should comment in a natural way and related to a specific topic. We should also remember that individual forums / portals / blogs should be thematically related to our industry and have as few outgoing links as possible. It is worth taking care of your account additionally – it must be reliable and, consequently, older than a few weeks and have a minimum of several dozen entries.

2. Catalogs
Catalogs are usually paid sites dedicated to linking, divided into hundreds of thematic categories. Thanks to the Page Rank indicator, they are perceived positively by the Google search engine, but they have lost their popularity over the years. We should rely on them in order to diversify external links.

3. Lists of companies
Listings of companies generate a lot of traffic. Potential customers use them naturally, when verifying a given company or searching for a specific service. In order to obtain a link using this method, it is enough to register on individual websites.

After entering the contact details of your business and adding an outbound link, we will be able to leave the selected page and enjoy constant benefits from user visits (in addition to strengthening the link profile, visitors will be able to see our offer).

4. Customer / partner websites
These activities involve the exchange of external links between clients or partners, for example in the footer of the page, or using a link, e.g. if we want to support a page to paraphrase a text in Spanish – this is how we do it 🙂

5. Local sites
Do you want to build a natural link profile? All you have to do is contact the portal that mentioned your company and ask about the possibility of placing a dofollow link leading to the company’s website.

6. Advertising portals
Advertisement portals are also valuable places for diversifying URLs. However, it is worth verifying that the website we are interested in is moderated on an ongoing basis, there are no spammy comments and numerous advertisements without photos and descriptions with only links.

7. Case study
A company with which you have been working for a long time has prepared a presentation on the topic of the results achieved with your company? Ask to link the name of your business in the prepared post – you will then get a URL with a very high power.

Demanding ways of link-building – 3 examples

In today’s article, we have described some effective ways to get outbound links. In order to summarize, we will briefly discuss one more very important topic, namely – the demanding ways of link building. We’ll show you the pros and cons of creating an SEO backend, and explain what domain capturing and relinking are.

1. Create the backend
Own SEO facilities makes it easier to build a solid and, above all, natural profile of external links. A website of this type should be very closely related to the subject of the positioned website and offer interesting content, valuable for visitors. If the background includes unique and high-quality content and is thematically related to the target website – it offers numerous benefits for your business, including:

– supports the SEO process,
– it allows you to save on expensive external lines,
– facilitates the diversification of the link profile,
– increases the popularity of the brand,
– it is an opportunity to obtain additional income from the sale of places for articles with a dofollow or nofollow link.

To create our own SEO facilities, we should buy appropriate domains, a server and design a website in accordance with the latest UX standards. It is usually profitable in popular industries (e.g. hosting, gambling, e-commerce), when your site is very competitive.

2. Capturing domains
Capturing domains – a widely practiced process used mainly when building private SEO facilities. All you need to do is go to the appropriate domain capture page, view the list of sites that are losing their owners in a maximum of 30 days, then reserve the domain of your choice and wait for the current owner to pay for it in time.

Once we find a URL with a “rich” history, we can capture it to create our own website. It will then have a great potential for high positions in organic search results.

Worth remembering!
If a domain arouses interest among many Internet users – it goes to the auction, where it is auctioned.

3. Relinking
Relinking is the analysis of backlinks from other domains using special marketing tools (eg Ahrefs). These types of activities are designed to enrich your website’s link profile and help you stay ahead of the competition in SERPs. All thanks to the possibility of obtaining identical links and those that are not available to other companies.

How to get valuable links? – summary

Acquiring valuable links is a complex process, usually preceded by a meticulously developed SEO strategy. One of the most important elements of link building is the diversification of links aimed at “convincing” search engine robots to the quality of our domain.

Depending on individual preferences, we can add comments on forums with a link in the content, comment online from the position of an expert or even create viral content on your blog.

In summary, acquiring valuable links will help you increase the position of your domain in organic search results. However, it is worth remembering that the outgoing links should be obtained as naturally as possible (e.g. from a real discussion on the forum). We should also take care of regular link-building activities and high quality of each URL.


Below we have collected answers to the most common questions that appear on the web about link building.

Is link diversification necessary?
Diversification is an absolute must-have when it comes to a properly developed link-building strategy. This is due to the fact that diversity contributes to the perception of our actions by Google’s algorithms as natural.

What is the cost of obtaining an external link from paid nationwide portals and what does it depend on?
The cost of obtaining an external link from paid global portals depends, among others on their range and specialization. If we take into account a website with average reach, we will have to pay an average of several hundred dollars for a place for a sponsored article with a dofollow link.

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