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Why should you move your business to the internet? Top 11 Reasons

Currently, most companies with their own headquarters additionally use the online channel to acquire customers. If you are still thinking about moving to the online world or, read our article in which we suggest why you should start your own website or online store.

1. Thanks to your website, you increase the availability of your company for customers

A website is your business card that works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Users, and at the same time your potential customers, can get acquainted with the offer and scope of services at a time convenient for them, not only during the opening hours of your office or stationary store. This makes your business more accessible and can attract more customers, including those who work during business hours. Perhaps the user decides to call you or use the online option to order a product after reviewing it.

2. Thanks to your website, you reach new customers

Why is it worth setting up your own website and at least partially transferring your business to the Internet? Because thanks to the website you will have a chance to reach new customers and increase the audience. With the online store website, you can sell your products to customers from all over the world.

3. You gain many promotion opportunities

Internet marketing is a modern trade lever and is an effective way of advertising. Having your own website allows you to effectively promote your services or products. You can invest in:

– positioning of websites and online stores, which assumes long-term effects – allows you to build visibility in organic search results and display your website to users with phrases related to your offer,
– Google Ads advertising, which allows you to quickly promote your company in the Google search engine,
– free and paid promotion in social media (e.g. Facebook Ads),
email marketing.

Marketing on the Internet is much easier to use and cheaper than traditional marketing. All you need is internet marketing expertise. You can get this by working with an SEO agency or Google Ads agency.

4. Thanks to your website, you increase brand awareness

The website and its promotion allows you to effectively increase brand awareness and make yourself known to users. If, in addition, building visibility in organic search results and paid advertising on the search and display networks, you are likely to reach users who have not heard of you before. In this way, you can make customers visit your website, get to know your mission and the products or services you offer, and in the future, when they need them, they will choose your offer, not your competition. Image building is also supported by positioning and running company profiles in social media.

5. You increase brand credibility

Don’t have a corporate website or Google My Business listing? For many users, not being online can reduce your brand’s credibility and trust. Before using the services of a particular company, many people check its image on the Internet – they visit the website, social media profiles, and read reviews about the quality of service. This is one of the many reasons why you should start a business website.

6. You can get credible user opinions

Why is it worth moving your business to the Internet and investing in your own website? Because on the Internet you can get a large number of reliable opinions about services and products from your users. This way, you build your credibility and perhaps attract other interested parties. Where to get feedback? You can use the following tools:

– a business card in Google My Business,
– a product page on your website,
– auction portals and price comparison websites.

You can use various channels to obtain feedback, e.g. newsletter or post-purchase messages. You can automate this process by adding plugins to e-commerce platforms.

7. You can increase traffic at a stationary point of sale

Do you have a stationary store or office and therefore you think that you do not need an online website and Internet activity? On the contrary – thanks to them you can not only create a new sales and customer contact channel, but also increase traffic in a stationary office. How? It is worth creating a showcase for your company on Google – this way, users who are nearby and looking for your services will be able to find your company in the Google search engine (on Google maps and in the so-called Local pack). This way, they might reach your restaurant, theater or cafe.

8. You generate lower costs of doing business

Why is it worth moving your business to the online world and setting up your website? Because if you decide to run an online store instead of a stationary one, you can significantly reduce costs. You do not have to hire an employee to service clients or rent an office or a large warehouse. You will also save on advertising, because online promotion is much cheaper and more effective than brick-and-mortar because of the high targeting possibilities.

9. You are ahead of the competition that is not available on the Internet

Although some find it hard to believe, there are still companies in every industry that do not have a website. If you decide to invest in a website yourself, you will not only outdo your competitors who have not bet on the online channel, but also get closer to those companies that are already on the Internet.

10. Thanks to the online channel, you provide your customers with faster and more efficient communication

Why is it worth setting up a company’s website? By moving your business to the Internet, you provide your customers with faster and more efficient communication and customer service. The user does not have to call you during your working hours – he can use the contact form available 24 hours a day on your website or contact via chat. This makes communication much easier. If you choose multi-channel marketing, the user will be able to buy the product online and return it in-store, which can influence their purchasing decisions and choice of your business.

11. With your website, you increase the convenience of your customers

Not every customer likes to buy stationary or waste time talking to a representative or employee of your company. By investing in a website and transferring your business to the Internet, you give him a chance to get acquainted with the offer at a time convenient for him and increase his convenience. The user, i.e. your potential customer, can view the products at any time of the day or night and is not dependent on the opening hours of your store or office. What’s more, he can also pick up the order in a convenient place, for example in a parcel locker close to home instead of going to a stationary store, or it can save a lot of time.


In today’s world, which is subject to ever deeper digitization, the lack of a website and no presence on the Internet at all can discredit a given company in the eyes of users from the very beginning. If you want to invest in an online channel, build your own website and decide on its positioning and Google Ads advertising. In this way, you will build brand awareness, attract new customers and inspire users’ trust.

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