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Is it worth using Google Ads?

Google Ads advertising is one of the most effective ways to do internet marketing for your business. Both international enterprises and small local companies use it in their activities. Check if it is worth using Google Ads and what makes the Google advertising system so popular. What are the advantages of Google Ads advertising?

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is a Google advertising system in which you can promote your business in search results or on the advertising network (on partner websites). Typically, you pay per click, but Google also offers a number of other billing models, such as per conversion or per thousand impressions.

1. Many types of advertising available

Google Ads is a very flexible system that offers many different ad formats to suit your priorities. The available options include:
– advertising in search results, displayed above, below or next to organic results,
– advertising in applications,
– advertising on the advertising network,
– YouTube advertising,
– product advertising for online stores, displayed at the top of search results, even above Google Ads ads in search results,
– remarketing, i.e. an advertisement aimed at people who have already visited your website or store, but have not performed the desired action (conversion, e.g. purchase).

You can combine different types of ads with each other to achieve optimal results and maximize your budget.

2. Relatively quick effects of Google Ads campaigns

Are you wondering if it’s worth investing in Google Ads? If you want to increase traffic to your website in a short time, advertising on Google is for you. The campaign in Google is visible immediately after its launch. It can increase traffic and sales after just a few weeks, unlike positioning, which takes at least a few months to generate results. However, remember that advertising in Google Ads also requires optimization and you will not always get results immediately after launching it – sometimes you have to wait 2-3 months to find the optimal settings. Nevertheless, advertising in Google Ads is effective after a short time of operation.

3. Large range of advertisements in the Google Ads system

Is it worth using Google Ads campaigns? Of course – partly because of its almost unlimited potential. From the Internet, according to a report in the US, 90.4% of households. The Google search engine in the period May 2020-March 2021 was used by over 95% of internet users. This means that the Google Ads system provides a huge range of ads and a large audience. If you’re just starting to advertise your business on Google Ads, you can get a lot of traffic for less competitive, but popular in your niche, keywords related to your offer. If you already run a Google Ads ad and want to increase its effectiveness and reach new users, you can:
– expand the campaign with new keywords that you will find, among others in the Google Keyword Planner tool,
– increase bids on the most effective keywords that generate sales.

If you want to achieve results faster in Google Ads, you can expand your campaign with long tail keywords. These are phrases composed of a few words, less competitive, and more likely to convert. Remember, however, that these should be sales phrases, e.g. mountain bike + brand + model.

4. Ability to reach interested users through Google Ads advertising

One of the benefits of Google Ads for your business is the ability to reach users who are genuinely interested in your services or products. Unlike outdoor advertising, which reaches everyone, a Google campaign is only shown on the search network to people who type a specific (or close to) keyword into the search box. In the case of advertising on the Display Network, you reach users with specific interests, as well as those who have already visited your website (remarketing). Therefore, the Google Ads system increases the chance of conversion, and a properly optimized campaign brings the return of expenses for its creation and running.

5. Ability to track the effectiveness of Google Ads campaigns

The ability to accurately track the results of Google Ads campaigns is one of the many advantages of the Google advertising system. In your Google Ads account, you can see your Google Ads Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). What data is worth analyzing?
– Conversion rate, which is the ratio of the number of conversions to the number of all interactions with the ad,
– Bounce rate, which is the percentage of visitors who left the landing page without taking any action,
– the position of your ad in paid search results,
– average cost of clicking on an ad.

Thanks to the obtained data:
– you will find out which keywords generate conversions – it is worth increasing your bids on these keywords,
– you will check which key phrases are not very effective – you can opt out of them altogether or reduce the bid,
– you will check the position of your ad – even if the ad is in the 2nd, 3rd or 4th position, it may generate sales – not always the 1st position guarantees the best results.

By linking your Google Ads account and Google Analytics, you can expand the analytical capabilities of your ad. You will then check, for example, how much time the user spent on your website after clicking on the ad, how many subpages he visited. You will also compare the number of new users and those who came back to your website.

6. Large possibilities of targeting Google Ads campaigns

In Google Ads campaigns, just like Facebook advertising, you can target campaigns to specific users who:
– use mobile or desktop devices,
– are in a specific location.

What’s more, targeting ads also takes into account the possibility of displaying them at a specific time – for example for 24 hours or only during the hours when your stationary office is open and employees can answer the phone. An effective tactic is also targeting your audience according to their interests and family status. You can create an advertisement for toys for children targeting only those people who have children.

7. Great control over the advertising budget

Did you know that there are industries where per-click advertising is very expensive? A single click in the legal or financial industry can cost up to several dozen zlotys. Is it still worth investing in Google Ads? Of course! The advertising system in Google guarantees you a lot of control over your budget. If you don’t want to spend too much, you can limit your bid per click or your daily budget. In this way, you will limit your spending on the Google Ads campaign and never spend more than you planned. At any time, you can pause your campaign, raise your bids on an ad that brings a high return on investment, and lower your bid on an ad that leads to few conversions.

8. Possibility to increase brand awareness

Is it worth using Google Ads when you want to build brand awareness? Of course. The Google Ads system is designed both for building sales and image. Even if the user does not click on your ad, they will see its headline, your company name. Moreover, one of the campaign goals in the Google Ads system is building brand awareness and reach. It focuses not on clicks on the ad, but on showing it to as many potentially interested people as possible.

9. Great flexibility of the Google Ads system

Another advantage of Google Ads that makes it worth using its potential is its great flexibility. Google Ads campaigns are effective in almost every industry, regardless of the size of the company. What’s more, you can change the campaign settings at any time, taking into account:
– key phrases you want to advertise for,
– budget (i.e. keyword bids),
– additional targeting settings (e.g. device, location, etc.).

At any time, you can turn on or pause the campaign, change its type (e.g. from advertising in the Google Display Network to advertising in search results). You can successfully combine different types of campaigns (e.g. Shopping ad and search ad and remarketing).

10. High return on investment in Google Ads

In the case of a Google Ads ad, you do not pay for the display, but for the user clicking on it. This advantage makes the campaign more effective than other forms of promotion. A properly optimized campaign will ensure a high return on investment. Remember, however, that it takes time and patience. To ensure a return on investment, you need to know which solutions work and which don’t. Also, take the time to optimize your campaign, test its effectiveness, and make changes and improvements.

11. Opportunity to learn about the market and competition

You don’t know your competition? One of the benefits you will get from advertising with Google Ads is finding out about the market in your industry. Creating and optimizing a campaign is useful knowledge in an SEO campaign. The collected information will allow you to:
– check which keywords your competition is advertising for,
– verify what type of ads your competitors are choosing, what landing pages they create, what content they are promoting.

If you don’t invest in advertising in Google Ads, not only will you miss important data, but you’ll also lose potential customers. Of course, you can get data by using tools, but if you already run Google Ads campaigns, you can use them in positioning. Why is it worth it? Because you won’t get SEO performance data right away.

Take advantage of the benefits of Google Ads

If you were wondering whether it is worth using Google Ads, you have just learned about a number of benefits that an advertising campaign on Google can bring. Due to the wide possibilities of targeting, various formats and high efficiency, many companies choose advertising in the Google Ads system. If you want to compete with them, you should also bet on Google’s advertising system. In this way, you will increase the awareness of your brand, build traffic, and gain new recipients in a short time.

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