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Product opinions and SEO. How to use product reviews in SEO?

Do you have an online store and your main goal is to convince the customer to buy? You can have it all – effective product descriptions, eye-catching photos, SEO optimized store and interesting videos, but if you don’t get product reviews, you lose a lot of traffic and sales potential. In the article below, we’ll show you how to use product reviews in SEO and we’ll convince you that they’re really important to you.

Opinions about products – why is it worth acquiring them?

Regardless of your assortment and the industry in which you operate, opinions about products can be your distinguishing feature among companies with the same or similar offer. Why is it worth obtaining references in the context of positioning and sales? Below you will find the most important benefits of posting reviews on service and product pages.

– Thanks to opinions, you build the trust of users – if a user visits your website and finds positive reviews about your product or activity on it, it will probably be easier to make decisions about using your offer.
– Opinions constitute the so-called User Generated Content. It enriches the content of the product page, and may also contain key phrases, which improves the positioning results.
– Opinions constitute the so-called social proof and build the credibility of your brand on the Internet.
– Product ratings in the form of stars may be displayed in the so-called rich snippets, which may in turn increase CTR and traffic.
– User opinions are, in the eyes of customers, a reliable source of knowledge about the product and its quality – in the Paraphrase.Online study as many as 91% of users declared that they trust online reviews to the same extent as personal recommendations.
– Feedback from customers and direct contact with them will allow you to identify areas that can be improved to guarantee users an even better quality of service.
– According to Paraphrase.Online research, customer feedback influences the position in local organic search results, especially in the so-called Local pack.

How do product reviews affect SEO and sales?

User feedback can have a direct or indirect impact on organic search results and product page rankings on Google. Let’s see how you can use their potential and help positioning your online store.

1. Product opinions increase the visibility of the product page for long tail phrases

User reviews often contain long tail key phrases, i.e. phrases that:
– are composed of several words,
– they reflect well the intentions of users,
– increase the chance of conversion.

Examples of such keywords are the phrases “English school for children 7 years old Jakarta” or “Adidas women’s sports shoes + model size 36”. As these phrases are used naturally by the client, they reflect their natural language well. If another user enters a similar phrase into the Google search engine, your product page may appear in a high position due to, among others, customer review.

2. Reviews improve your visibility in organic search results

Opinions about a product or service are an important ranking factor in local positioning. So if you have a brick-and-mortar store in addition to your online store, you should take care of getting feedback from satisfied customers on both your e-commerce site and your Google My Business listing. With a large number of reviews, especially those with a comprehensive description (not just stars), you can improve your organic search rankings on local search queries such as “Surabaya toy store” or “Depok medical store”.

3. Positive product reviews may increase CTR

Positive reviews of the products you sell can increase your CTR in organic search results as well as improve the attractiveness of your results. If you enable on-page product reviews, the number of stars may appear in Google’s extended results. Research shows that augmented results increase your click-through rate by a few percent, and obtaining feedback does not require any financial outlay.

Do Reviews in a Google Listing Affect Organic Search Results?

Not only users browse online reviews to check brand credibility. Google robots operate in a similar way, taking into account user feedback, including reviews and testimonials, in the process of website evaluation. They can be a strong ranking factor in local positioning. According to our research, reviews were the second most important ranking factor in the Local pack results. In turn, the Yotpo experiment showed that reviews also affect e-commerce traffic. Within 9 months, the company participating in the study added opinions on the website, and as a result achieved an increase in traffic from 5.5 thousand visits a month to 8 thousand (source: The number of opinions can also affect the SEO results. It is worth remembering that one negative opinion or a low rating will certainly not cause a drop in visibility or a sharp drop in traffic.

How to optimize product reviews for SEO?

There are several best practices that can help you optimize your product reviews for SEO. We will briefly discuss each of them below.

1. Make sure your review content is embedded in HTML

In order for Google’s robots to use the content of reviews and reviews to rank organic search results, the content of the reviews must be in the HTML of the product page. To check if the reviews are displaying correctly, you can temporarily disable JavaScript and CSS. If the reviews are visible then, it means that their content is in the HTML code and will be properly indexed by Google (if there are no other technical errors on the page).

2. Add review and rating tags to is a set of structured data that can be embedded in the HTML code of a website so that Google’s robots can better understand the content of the website and display information relevant to the user directly in the search results. With, you can make ratings and reviews for a specific product visible on the results page.

3. Use Google’s tools for marking and testing structured data

Google provides free tools for marking and testing structured data. It is worth using them, because thanks to them you can be sure that data has been implemented correctly on the product page. These tools are the Data Markup Assistant and Structured Data Testing Tool.

4. Create a separate page where you will find all the opinions about a specific product and optimize it for positioning

Your product has a lot of reviews and you are worried that the length of the page will force you to scroll for a long time and will affect the User Experience? You can put reviews for a specific product on a separate page. However, remember that this page should open in a new tab and contain a link to the product card, so that the user can return to it at any time. Optimize basic review page elements such as:
– URL address,
– meta title, eg User Reviews – product name;
– meta description.

Ecommerce Feedback Acquisition – How To Do It Right?

Product reviews are important for SEO activities, but obtaining them is not easy. Still, there are some best practices you can use to increase your product sheet reviews and improve your SEO:
– take care of building long-term relationships with customers – if customers trust you, they will be more likely to leave an opinion,
– be active and ask for opinions, as well as answer them – the customer himself will issue a negative review faster than a positive one, but research shows that as many as 70% of consumers will leave feedback if you ask them to do so,
– offer the customer a benefit in return for sharing your opinion (discount on subsequent purchases, participation in the loyalty program, free delivery for the next purchase),
– create personalized messages – send them a few days after the customer receives the product,
– use plugins for e-commerce platforms that allow you to automate the sending of e-mails asking for feedback.

How to react to negative opinions and build the image of the online store?

Many factors affect the image of your online store. One of them is the way you respond to customer feedback. You cannot leave any of them unanswered – react to both positive (thank you) and negative references. If you’ve made a mistake, admit it and offer compensation. if you feel that a negative opinion is undeserved, contact the client personally and try to clarify the situation. In this way, you can lead to the removal of a negative assessment. Responding to reviews is also an element of image positioning – it shows both users and Google robots that the customer is important to your e-commerce business.


An online store with no product reviews is likely to generate small sales regardless of Google visibility and traffic volume. Therefore, you should treat gaining opinions as one of the elements of optimizing the conversion rate in your online store. Positive and honest reviews from real customers can do much more for you than even the best product descriptions or photos.

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