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We debunk 11 popular myths about Google Ads

Many entrepreneurs, owners of websites and online stores opt out of advertising in Google Ads. They often heard that advertising on Google is expensive and doesn’t work. Are these beliefs true? Learn the most common myths about paid search campaigns and find out why you should invest in Google Ads (AdWords).

What myths make you think it’s not worth investing in Google Ads?

A lot of false beliefs have arisen around advertising in the Google Ads system, formerly known as Google AdWords, which causes entrepreneurs to give up advertising because they think that it is not worth spending money on Ads advertising. What are the most popular myths about advertising on Google?

1. Google Ads are not profitable
2. Users don’t click on ads
3. Unable to track return on investment in Google Ads
4. The more I pay for the ad, the greater the visibility of the ad will be
5. Google Ads is only search engine advertising
6. Google Ads affects SEO results
7. I don’t need Google Ads because I invest in positioning
8. Only the top positions in Google Ads generate sales
9. The more keywords the better
10. You don’t need landing pages in your Google Ads
11. It is better to invest in positioning than in Google Ads

Myth 1: Google Ads are not profitable

The lack of effect of Google Ads (AdWords) campaigns is one of the popular myths that may result from entrepreneurs’ lack of knowledge on how to create and optimize ads to bring return on investment. It is worth investing in Google Ads if you use the help of an expert or if you have the time, knowledge and tools to properly optimize them for keywords, content and landing pages. You don’t have to offer the highest bidding for your ad to be profitable.

Fact: Why is it worth betting on Google Ads? Although advertising in Google Ads (AdWords) generates costs, it also gives a good chance of a visible, even several-fold increase in revenues, provided that it is properly prepared and optimized. It is worth investing in if you want to advertise a specific product for the upcoming holiday or build brand recognition. Even a budget of several thousand zlotys in a less competitive industry will allow you to earn more. To achieve satisfactory results, you should:
– conduct advertising activities in Google Ads (AdWords) for phrases that generate the most traffic at the lowest possible cost – it is worth choosing phrases related to the offer with low and medium competitiveness, but the highest possible popularity,
– advertise on sales phrases, avoiding guide phrases that work well in positioning,
– create a list of negative words so as not to waste the budget,
 – prepare the right ad text (with an effective CTA – call to action) and a unique landing page,
– keep track of the effectiveness of Google Ads campaigns.

Myth 2: Nobody clicks on Google Ads

Is it worth investing in Google Ads? Many people say that this form of internet marketing is not profitable because users don’t click on ads, but on organic search results. Until a few years ago, Google clearly distinguished between paid and organic results, so that users could actually not click on your content in Google Ads on the search network. Currently, however, Google Ads (AdWords) advertising is not much different from organic results. It is only marked with a small word “advertisement”. What’s more, it appears at the top of the search results, above the organic results, and therefore generates a large number of conversions.

Fact: It’s worth using the Google Ads system because it allows you to generate not only clicks, but also conversions and revenues. Jake, Mike and The Crazy Crew from Paraphrase.Online conducted a study to find out why users click on paid search results. It turned out that:
– 75% of users say that Google Ads (AdWords) ads make it easier to find information,
– 33% of over 506 surveyed people click on the ad because it responds to their query,
 – 26% of people click on a paid ad because the content of the ad contains the name of a brand they know,
– 20% go to the landing page in a Google Ads ad because the results are above other links
– 19% click on a Google Ads (AdWords) ad because it has an interesting title, description or image.

These data confirm that Google Ads pays off, but you need to be able to properly use its resources and take care of the ad content, keyword selection and ad relevance.

Myth 3: You cannot track the return on investment of your Google Ads ad and its performance

Have you heard that Google Ads (AdWords) campaigns are unprofitable because their effectiveness and return on investment cannot be checked? This is an often repeated myth that has nothing to do with reality. The effectiveness of Google Ads campaigns can be tracked much more effectively than other forms of promoting your brand and products.

Fact: Unlike other forms of advertising (e.g. outdoor advertising in the form of billboards), it is possible to accurately determine their effectiveness in the case of ads in Google search results. There are many indicators that can help you find out if your ads are paying off your investment. The key to success is their correct interpretation and introduction of changes to your campaigns. To learn more about tracking performance in Ads, read our article where we discussed KPIs for Google Ads (AdWords) campaigns. Among the important parameters that can and should be monitored and regularly optimized are:
– CTR – the ratio of the number of clicks on an advertisement in relation to its impressions,
– cost of conversion, i.e. acquisition of a single customer,
– number of conversions,
– conversion value,
– return on ad spend (ROAS),
– price per click (CPC),
– quality score,
– conversion rate.

Myth 4: The more I pay for a Google Ads ad, the better its visibility will be

Have you heard that the higher the amount declared per click, the better the position and the greater the visibility of the ad? This is a myth that is not worth believing and can make your Google Ads (AdWords) activities unprofitable. How is it really?

Fact: Until a few years ago, ad viewability was actually determined by the bid – whoever paid more enjoyed the highest ranking in paid search results. Nowadays, Google Ads ads pay off more and more because their position depends not only on the declared maximum bid-per-click (CPC), but also on the ad quality score. You can work on it yourself by:
– including the keyword and CTA (call to action) in the ad content, which may affect the CTR,
– taking care of the relevance of the ad and matching keywords to it,
– appropriate grouping of ads in narrow thematic categories.

Myth 5: Is It Worth Investing In Google Ads? No, because it only offers advertising in search results

This is one of the myths repeated by people who do not know the entire Google Ads system, and have heard only about the most popular form of advertising (AdWords), i.e. the one in search results.

Fact: The advertising system of Google Ads (AdWords) is diverse and profitable. It includes not only advertising in search results, but also:
– an advertisement in the Google AdSense search network – your advertisement will be displayed on Google partner portals,
– remarketing and dynamic remarketing, which allows you to reach people who have already viewed your website, added the product to the cart, etc.,
– advertising on Google Shopping, ideal for online stores to promote specific products,
– a video advertisement of various lengths on YouTube, displayed before, during or after the movie, with or without the option of skipping by the user,
– advertisement at the gmail post office.

Myth 6: Google Ads affects SEO results and vice versa

Have you heard that Google Ads affect positioning results, and an SEO campaign can contribute to better advertising results on Google? What is it really like and is it worth investing in Google Ads to improve SEO results?

Fact: In practice, Google Ads campaigns and SEO campaigns are independent of each other and do not directly influence each other. However, if you combine SEO and advertising in search results and on Google Shopping, you can improve your sales performance as your site may be placed in as many as three places on the first page of Google.

Myth 7: It’s not worth paying for Google Ads (AdWords) when investing in SEO

Do you invest in positioning and think that it is not worth spending funds on further advertising activities in Google Ads (AdWords)? This is one of the popular myths that can harm your online marketing strategy! Both SEO and Google Ads can bring you a return on investment. What’s more, PPC campaigns are ads not only in the search results, but also elsewhere in the browser – on YouTube or pages on the content network.

Fact: In practice, it is worth combining Google Ads advertising with positioning in organic search results. Why is such an action worthwhile? Because through Google Ads you can quickly promote specific products before important holidays. In the case of SEO, it is impossible, because positioning takes time and you have to wait for its effects.

Myth 8: Only the first position generates sales in Google Ads (AdWords)

Are you not investing in Google Ads because you are convinced that only the first position in paid results generates sales and brings return on investment? It’s time to say goodbye to this myth and find out how the Google Ads (AdWords) system really works.

Fact: The first position does not guarantee the highest sales. Moreover, it happens that reaching the first position in paid Google Ads campaigns is associated with large expenses and negatively affects ROAS (return on investment) and CPA, i.e. the cost of acquiring a single customer. This means that the first position is only profitable for highly relevant keywords. You shouldn’t fight for a higher position at all costs if you generate sales from Google Ads (AdWords) in 3rd position in paid search results. To improve your ranking, first work on your Quality Score or add relevant ad extensions (location, contact, etc.). then increase your maximum CPC bid.

Myth 9: The more keywords there are in Google Ads (AdWords) campaigns, the better

Keywords are undoubtedly one of the most important elements of an Ads (AdWords) campaign, but it does not mean that you should choose as many keywords as possible. Not every keyword is relevant to your campaign and will bring you profit. How do I choose keywords so that my Google Ads campaign generates conversions and brings return on investment?

Fact: The number of keywords is not very important, it is important to be relevant and divide them into specific groups. When choosing keywords for your Ads ad, consider:
– competitiveness – the more competitive the words, the higher the cost per click; a more profitable solution is to choose phrases with low and medium competitiveness, because fewer companies advertise on them and thus you increase the chance of displaying your ad;
– type of phrase – in Google Ads campaigns, choose sales words, not guide words,
– number of searches – if a given keyword is not popular in the search engine and has a low number of searches, the probability of the ad will not bring any results. Try to balance the competitiveness and popularity of words to choose the optimal solution.

Choose keywords that are related to your offer, avoiding phrases that are too general and do not specify the user’s expectations. There is no maximum number of keywords you can advertise for, but make sure not to choose too many phrases at the expense of ad quality. Divide the phrases into detailed groups, thanks to which you will increase the relevance of keywords in the campaign. Choose different types of matches and see which solution generates the most profit.

Myth 10: You don’t need landing pages in your Google Ads

Your Google Ads campaign leads the user to the home page and is ineffective, and you think that investing in paid Google campaigns is not profitable? You’re right – an ad without a unique landing page isn’t worth your money. Learn what to do and how to plan your landing page to work in your favor.

Fact: Is it worth investing in Google Ads (AdWords) campaigns without creating original landing pages? Not necessarily. Redirecting the user to the home page can distract him and make him opt out of the purchase or contact because he cannot find the information that interests him. If you want to prepare a good advertising campaign on Google, you should make sure that each ad group has its own unique landing page with content tailored to the user’s expectations. You can use the Product Category page, as long as it only lists the products from your ad and the category is very narrow. Landing pages should:
 – have a simple layout and template,
– be free of unnecessary elements that may distract the user and distract him from conversion – e.g. video, animations,
– contain only relevant information, e.g. products created by the brand sought by the user,
– contain a headline with a phrase entered in the search engine by the user or similar to it.

Myth 11: Positioning produces better results

Have you been wondering if it is worth investing in Google Ads, but a friend advised you to allocate funds for positioning because SEO gives better results? It all depends on your goals and the individual situation of your company, so do not give up your investment in Google Ads, even if you are already optimizing your website for SEO. Why?

Fact: Search engine optimization and Google Ads campaigns have one goal: conversions – sales and revenue growth – but they achieve it differently. While in the case of positioning, you have to wait for results, sometimes even a year or more, Ads (AdWords) campaigns bring results much faster. If you want to build visibility in a short time, a paid campaign will certainly be a profitable option. Fast results are one of the reasons why you should invest in Google Ads in your business. Don’t give up on a channel that can help you increase your sales – spend a larger budget on Google Ads at the beginning of your investment in internet marketing, and over time, when SEO starts to pay off your investment, you may decide to advertise your key products on a smaller budget.

Invest in Google Ads advertising and increase sales

alse beliefs about Google Ads are often repeated by people who have not had anything to do with advertising on Google or have invested in a poorly optimized campaign. Why Choose Google Ads (AdWords)? Because a properly planned and prepared advertising campaign brings an increase in the visibility of the website, more traffic on the website and a greater number of conversions. Combined with positioning, it is a proven strategy to increase sales in online marketing.

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