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Does SEO Provide Consistent Profit? That is, how long the effects of SEO last

Website SEO is one of the most popular and effective strategies for promoting your brand online, but at the same time it requires patience in waiting for the first results. However, the question arises – how long do the effects last? Does website SEO provide long-term results? In this article, we dispel doubts in this aspect.

How long does website SEO take?

SEO has many very strong advantages, but a lot of people focus on the fact that it takes a lot of time to achieve them. Is it really so? How long should you expect SEO results? Well, the first results can appear after a few, several months, it also happens that the results appear after two years. These are rare cases, but it is worth being aware of them. The fact that your website is not yet achieving satisfactory results does not necessarily mean that your strategy is ineffective or that you are making some mistakes (although it is always worth checking). How quickly you can achieve your dream SEO results depends, among other things, on how strong your competition is and what is the history of your domain.

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Why does it take so long to get SEO results?

You already know how long it can take to achieve the first effects of your SEO strategy, and you also know what elements affect it. However, you may wonder why SEO optimization can’t bring immediate results. We already explain.

SEO optimization takes time

The SEO strategy consists of many elements, the cooperation of which allows you to achieve the desired results. At the same time, however, their implementation requires a lot of commitment due to the complexity of such optimization. The most important Google ranking factors include:

intuitive sitemap,
adding a robots.txt file,
meta tag optimization,
implementation of the SSL certificate,
URL optimization,
consistent structure of internal links,
implementation of structured data,
implementation of redirects,
implementation of canonical links,
website loading speed,
adapting the website to mobile devices,
adjusting the website in terms of User Experience.

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Each of these elements requires appropriate knowledge and experience in a specific field of SEO, as well as time for proper implementation. This is especially engaging if you decide to do it yourself. Cooperation with a company that will comprehensively deal with the implementation of the SEO strategy can significantly speed up this process.

Google’s algorithm is slow

Google can be fast when it comes to providing answers to search queries, but it takes longer to analyze the content available on search pages. Google focuses on reading and categorizing content from every existing website, which takes a lot of time. Your website is one of many waiting for the algorithm to see its potential. It takes even longer if the site is new.

How does Google’s page information work? Well, Google independently searches for new sites or receives information about them from their owners. Of course, if you decide to leave it in Google’s hands, it will take more time. When Google gets information about a given site, it takes the time to analyze it. It checks the content, page layout, visual elements, etc. Such analyzes are used to interpret which queries your website should appear on.

Your competition is already positioning itself

Another element that makes it take time to achieve results in SEO is that your competition has most likely been in SEO for some time. The more and more intensively they work, the more difficult it will be for you to succeed in this field. For this reason, it is worth performing an SEO audit of your competition to find a gap in their strategy and act more effectively.

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Will website SEO give you long-term results?

For many questions about SEO, we have to answer “it depends”. SEO is influenced by many factors and there are few clear-cut answers, but not in this case. When asked whether website positioning provides long-term effects, we can unequivocally answer: yes. Of course, under certain conditions. First of all, you must remember that website positioning is a long-term, never-ending process and requires constant commitment. Remember that the competition does not sleep!

Web users use search engines all the time

According to data provided by Hubspot1, the average web user uses about three or four searches per day. Therefore, if your company is well embedded in search results, you can reach a large number of users around the clock. Do you have a day off? Your site continues to reach new audiences, and you get a chance to convert. Moreover, it is the most optimal solution in financial terms. You do not pay for anything – the only cost you incur is the energy and time invested in the development of your SEO strategy or cooperation with the appropriate agency that will take care of it for you. For comparison, in the case of Google Ads campaigns, you pay for displaying the ad and it gives you short, temporary effects.

Search results are a step in the purchasing process

Another very important aspect is that the use of a search engine is a constant element of the user’s conversion journey. Take a look at the stats below:

– 93% of users’ use of the web starts with a search engine.
– 80% of shoppers look for product information online.
– 71% of B2B entrepreneurs start searching for products in a search engine.
– 70% of people search for information about a company on the Internet before taking advantage of its offer.

With the right SEO strategy, you can reach the user at every stage of the purchasing process. Optimization will allow you to reach a large number of recipients that fit your target group, and thus – will enable you to generate long-term revenue. By omitting SEO from your marketing strategy, you are losing one of your most profitable marketing channels.

Organic traffic accounts for a large portion of revenue

An additional argument that proves that the effects of SEO can bring long-term results is that organic traffic is responsible for over 40% of revenue on average. This is a surprisingly high result if we take into account all the available social channels on which the company can be promoted.

SEO will help you gain the trust of your audience

Also remember that website positioning affects not only your position in the search engine. A good SEO strategy is also based on technical optimization and UX optimization of the website, thanks to which your website is better received by users, encourages conversion and makes recipients remember your company better. The first impression has a big impact on building customer loyalty to the brand, and this is directly related to ensuring long-term revenue.

Why does SEO require your ongoing commitment?

On our blog, you have often read about the fact that it takes time to achieve results in SEO. The effects in the form of increasing visibility, gaining more recipients and increasing sales definitely do not come immediately. A good position in Google results takes time, and its maintenance is associated with constant analysis of results, optimization, creation of new content, and obtaining external links. The lack of activity in the SEO area does not mean only the lack of growth – it is associated with a decrease in the visibility of the website. Why? Above all, remember that your competitors are still operating and taking advantage of your inaction. In addition, Google regularly analyzes websites and checks which websites adapt to changes in algorithms, regularly supplement content and respond to the needs signaled by web users. Therefore, if you achieve a good position in the search results, you cannot give up further work, SEO involves constant commitment if you want your positioning profit to be long-term. Also remember that it will be much easier for you to maintain a good position than to build it from scratch. Therefore, if you have not yet decided to implement SEO optimization – this is the perfect time to do it.

Does SEO Provide Consistent Profit? That is, how long the effects of SEO last. Summary

SEO for websites is considered one of the best ways to promote your website in an effective and inexpensive way. What’s more, with the right strategy, it can bring you long-term profits. It is important, however, that you remember that positioning requires constant commitment at the same time – it is a never-ending process of working on a website.

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