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How to choose an agency for conversion optimization?

Currently, conversion optimization is not an option, but a necessity. More and more owners of shops and websites are investing in it. If you don’t have the internal resources to implement conversion optimization on your website, you’ll likely be looking for a CRO (SXO). Let’s check how to find an agency to optimize conversions to increase the chance of return on investment.

CRO (Conversion Optimization) Agency, which is what?

What is a Conversion Optimization CRO? It is a company that employs specialists with experience in the field of conversion optimization. The team implements changes on the pages that are to facilitate users’ path to conversion (goal). The conversion can be:

– product purchase,
– subscription to the newsletter,
– using the contact form,
– downloading an e-book or PDF material,
– registration for training, webinar, etc.

Many SEO agencies offer conversion optimization as part of the price of their services. What’s more, due to the growing popularity of SXO, SEO agencies offer specialized services, within which they not only optimize website conversions, but also user experience. These are comprehensive services that will not only improve the position of your website in organic search results, but also increase sales even from the same traffic.

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Do you need an agency to optimize conversions?

Before you choose a specific conversion optimization company, consider whether you need one. Common business situations that require collaboration with a CRO are as follows:

Your website generates little traffic – maybe you have a great website design, but still few users reach your website – in this case, you need an SEO, Google Ads and SXO agency all in one, which will improve traffic parameters using positioning and Google Ads advertising, and then it will optimize conversions,

Your website has a low conversion rate despite high traffic – you can get high traffic to your website, which, however, does not translate into conversions; such a case requires cooperation with the CRO agency, which will audit the conversion page and implement solutions that will help users on their way to the goal,

you have a person responsible for conversion optimization, but its processing capacity is low, and solutions are introduced slowly – in this case, cooperation with a CRO agency will work, thanks to which you will intensify your activities and achieve the assumed results in a shorter time,

you run an online store and have a very large percentage of abandoned carts (e.g. 30 or 50%) – thanks to the CRO agency you can lower this value and encourage users to finalize the transaction,

want to build your own conversion optimization team in the future, but have no experience – working with a conversion optimization agency in this case can make it easier for your team members to train and learn. Moreover, the team can focus on key operational activities when there is no time for analytics. This will be dealt with by the CRO agency.

What does the conversion optimization agency offer?

A typical conversion optimization agency offers a range of internet marketing services. In addition to optimizing conversions, these can include:

– SEO,
– positioning of online stores,
– Google Ads campaigns,
– user experience optimization.

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Why is it worth using the services of an agency to optimize conversions?

What are the advantages of choosing an agency to optimize conversions? Below you will find reasons why you should use such services:

– you will increase the average order value,
– you will make it easier for users to buy,
– you will increase your commitment,
– you will increase sales from the same traffic on the site,
– you will increase traffic on the website,
– will increase the number of inquiries from contact forms, webinar subscriptions, e-book downloads, etc.

How to choose an agency for conversion optimization? Set of tips

Below you will find a compilation of 12 tips that will help you find and choose the best conversion optimization agency for your corporate website. Get to know them all.

1. Choosing an agency to optimize your conversion. Define your business goals

Before choosing an SXO agency, think about your business situation, what goals you want to achieve and at what time. Remember that goals should be specific, measurable and limited in time. Examples of goals are:

– an increase in the conversion rate by 10% during the year,
– reduction of abandoned baskets to 10% per year,
– an increase in the average order value by 20% during the year.

Remember that a good conversion optimization agency will assess whether your goals are achievable at the stage of business negotiations.

2. How do I find an agency to optimize my conversion? Define your budget

Although the price of conversion optimization services should not be a key element influencing the choice of a specific company, it is worth determining your budget for CRO activities. Then you will know which agency to look for and how much you can spend. Perhaps, during the search, it will turn out that it is worth allocating a larger budget for CRO activities. Remember that your investment should pay off in more conversions. You can start with less money and then increase your budget when you start earning money.

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3. How to choose a CRO agency? Pay attention to the notice period

The best internet marketing agencies, including conversion optimization agencies, offer a short notice of one month. This means that in the event of dissatisfaction, you can resign from the services provided. If the agency offers 3 months’ notice, look for a different one. This means that for up to 3 months you will have to pay for services from which you ultimately want to give up.

4. How to find an agency to optimize conversion? Check the size of the team

The bigger the agency, the better. Therefore, when looking for a CRO, pay attention to the size of the team. Large agencies provide access to a wide base of specialists. They also bear the risk of specialists being absent (due to illness or vacation), ensuring the continuity of services. Usually, the largest agencies attract the best specialists, which means that your website will be supervised by a qualified team of experts in the field of conversion optimization.

5. How to choose an agency for conversion optimization? Bet on good communication

How to choose a good CRO agency? Look for a company that you have good contact with from the very beginning. Already during the negotiation of the terms of the contract and the first business talks, you can notice how members of the sales team treat potential customers. Do they reply to emails within 24 hours? Do they call you back if they can’t answer the phone? How are the talks going – are you treated with respect and informed about the terms of the contract and cooperation? Does the contract contain additional options that were not mentioned during the negotiations? All these aspects can be of great importance in the course of the cooperation.

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6. How to find a CRO agency? Look for opinions on the internet

How To Find A Good Conversion Optimization Agency For Your Business? Take advantage of the experience of other companies and check what they write about a given agency on the Internet. The first step should be to verify the reviews on your Google My Business profile. The best agencies also have their profiles on the Clutch portal, associating freelancers and creative agencies as well as internet marketing agencies. References added there are verified by the Clutch team, so you can be sure that they come from real customers. On each of the portals, verify that the company responds to negative reviews and provides compensation, and is willing to clarify the situation and negative testimonials.

7. How to choose a CRO agency? Check the services offered

Most internet marketing agencies offer various services in this regard. It is not only conversion optimization, but also positioning of websites and online stores, as well as Google Ads and Facebook Ads. It is a good idea to choose an agency that offers many different internet marketing services because you work with one company, not several, which makes it easier to control your activities. Moreover, members of the ↓ team of one agency work together and provide the necessary information, which greatly facilitates communication and collaboration.

8. How do I find a conversion optimization agency? Bet on education

Some internet marketing agencies prepare training packages especially for their clients, thanks to which clients can learn the secrets of conversion optimization. It is worth choosing an agency that offers training and workshops (stationary or online) for the price. This confirms that she cares not only about a professional service, but also about educating the client so that he understands the activities carried out and their purpose.

9. How to find a CRO agency? Check the client portfolio

How do I find a good conversion optimization agency? During the negotiation phase, ask salespeople for a portfolio of clients and see if the agency has experience with businesses like yours. This is especially true if you operate in an industry that is not very popular. It is also worth knowing the success story of a given agency. Many companies publish case studies on the blog, in which they present what goals have been achieved with a specific company.

10. How to choose an SXO agency? Pay attention to reporting

At the stage of business negotiations and signing the contract, it is worth paying attention to the method of reporting the effects by the agency for conversion optimization. Does the SXO agency send regular reports on the work done and its effects (e.g. once a month)? What data does the reports contain? Is it possible to discuss the report during an online interview? This will be especially important for customers who are unfamiliar with internet marketing and need comprehensive answers to the questions and explanations of the individual metrics included in the report.

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11. How do I find an SXO agency? Learn about the tools used by the agency

SXO and CRO agencies should base their actions on hard data. These come with tools to analyze the traffic to your customers’ websites. During business talks, find out which tools the agency uses. The most popular tools are:

– Google Optimize,
– Optimizely,
– Hotjar,
– Yandex.metrica,
– Crazy Egg,
– Piwik Pro.

12. How to choose an SXO agency (CRO)? Read the contract carefully

How do I find a good conversion optimization agency (CRO)? Transparency of the contract and the activities carried out is important. The best SXO agencies have nothing to hide and clearly inform about any solutions in the contract and at the negotiation stage. You will not find hidden costs in them and you will know what you are paying for from the beginning.

Questions worth asking agencies to optimize conversions

What questions should you ask the agency that is to optimize the conversion on your website? These are:

What is the notice period?
What services are included and which will I have to pay extra for?
What conversion optimization tools does the agency use?
What experience does my supervisor have in terms of conversion optimization?
What specialists will deal with my website?
What other services can I use in addition to conversion optimization?
What effects can I expect and when?
Will I get regular reports?
Will the reports be discussed individually during the online meeting?
Can I count on training included in the price of the service?
Are there any companies from my industry in your client portfolio?

Choose a good agency to optimize your conversions. Summary

A well-chosen agency to optimize conversions on a website or in an online store is a chance to increase profits and conversions. Thanks to it, you will improve the average order value and encourage more customers to take advantage of your offer. Use our tips and choose the best CRO agency, tailored to your needs, goals and expectations.

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